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Game Recap: Colorado Rapids 2, San Jose Earthquakes 1

The first half was kind of slow, but the second half was a battle to the end. The result? THREE WINS IN A ROW!!!!

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Colorado Rapids Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

San Jose Earthquake’s unbeaten streak against the Colorado Rapids is OVER, and the Rapids are on a 3-game winning streak, and are STILL unbeaten at DSGP!

Just because the crowd was thin at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park tonight doesn’t mean you couldn’t hear the supporters loud and clear. It’s probably the Broncos’ fault for having a game tonight for the poor attendance (you know, the other football team in Denver), but it didn’t dull the mood one bit.

The last time the San Jose Earthquakes came to DSGP (on September 17), the game resulted in a 0-0 tie. The ‘Quakes also had a 14-game unbeaten streak coming into this game—the Rapids hadn’t won a game vs. SJ since 2011.

The first half was just solid soccer from both sides. There were good looks and a couple shots for both, but 30 minutes in, there was just not a whole lot to talk about. Dominique Badji had a good chance early, and Jared Watts had a great opportunity off a corner kick in the 33rd minute, but then, at the 38th minute, Marc Burch laid it in for a diving header from KEVIN DOYLE to put the Rapids up 1-0!

Just a few minutes later, Badji beat David Bingham to the ball, but didn’t put enough pace on it and the defender kicked it out just in time.

The Rapids started the second half with the same squad. The ‘Quakes got an early free kick that went right to Tim Howard, but also bounced off Tim Howard. Luckily, the rebound shot flew high over the crossbar. TBH, I thought it was the equalizer, and breathed a sign of relief when it wasn’t.

San Jose kept up the pressure, and made the defense work hard. Jared Watts, Marc Burch, Eric Miller, and Axel Sjoberg all had great blocks. And then Sjoberg got called for a foul in the box and San Jose was given a penalty kick. It was a terrible call, and probably should have been a call on Chris Wondolowski instead. Again, the crowd may have been thin, but you wouldn’t have guessed it from the boos that echoed around the stadium.

Tim Howard guessed correctly, but Wondolowski found the back of the net anyway, tying things up at 1-1 in the 57th minute.

Almost immediately after, Badji had a great cross in the box, but Doyle just couldn’t get to it. Doyle got taken out a couple times, but the ref kept his whistle in his pocket for those fouls. The offense kept up the pressure, and some might argue that Badji earned his own penalty kick in the 68th minute, but again, the ref kept his whistle in his pocket.

Also in the 68th minute, Caleb Calvert subbed in for Gashi. In the 73rd minute, there is another penalty called in the box, only this time it was for our side! Doyle steps up and easily puts it past Bingham. The Rapids are up one (well-deserved) goal. Badji brought. the. heat. tonight. So many good looks, so many shots and almost shots. There’s no way Pablo can change that top spot anytime soon.

The rest of the game was back and forth—good runs (and some shots) for SJ and Colorado. In the 90th minute, Dennis Castillo subbed in for Doyle. It was announced that there would be four minutes of stoppage time.

It felt like a really long time (but when doesn’t stoppage time feel like forever?), and then the final whistle blew. 2-1 RAPIDS!!!!

Personally, I feel like it’s time Caleb Calvert gets a goal. He’s had a couple chances in the games he’s been in, but just isn’t having any luck. I’d like to see him get more playing time over the next couple games—let’s see what this kid can do.