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Best Rapids Moments of 2015 Number Seven: Clint Irwin's 87th minute Double Denial to Hold On Against SKC

In the final installment of the series, we remember Clint Irwin in possibly his finest performance of 2015.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Moment 7: Clint Irwin Saves the Day. Twice. In One Play.

The Colorado Rapids home game against SKC, which was already featured as Moment #6 because of Vicente Sanchezes, uh, wizardry, gets more love here. With the Rapids clinging to a 2-1 lead, SKC threw players forward in a tremendous late game onslaught. At the 87th minute, Jacob Peterson sent in a blistering, low cross from the right side that rattled around in the Rapids 18 yard box. Dom Dwyer found it, and laid a scorching shot to the left of a diving Clint Irwin, who slapped it away. The ball bounced back to Dwyer, who volleys it back at the fallen Irwin. Irwin juuuuust parries it away and into the post, then scurries to collect the sphere in his mitts. Apropos of nothing, I was on the terrace for this win, standing front row gripping a Colorado flag, wearing a backwards baseball cap, looking like a jamoke. You can see me in the video. I'm the really dorky guy just left of the goal. I tell you, watching that save from 25 feet away was unbelievable. The terrace went bonkers.

I've re-watched this highlight on video since then maybe 50 times, and I still can't believe it.

The Rapids hung on to beat SKC, 2-1. This game was the Rapids at their best; they frustrated SKC all night by strangling the passing lanes to Benny Feilhaber. If (if!) Pabloball is going to work in 2016, they need to watch and re-watch this game over and over again. Pablo should tell the guys: "Everybody, just do this." I know it isn't really that simple. Or... is it?

This is the last moment our season-ending ‘Best Rapids Moments' series. Note that I could have given out like, six more ‘bests', but they'd all be of Clint Irwin doing Clint Irwin things.

Irwin was nominated six times for MLS ‘Save of the Week', but never won it. We never win anything, even meaningless stuff. (Sad Emoji).

I'll recap the whole ‘Best Rapids Moments of 2015' soon. First, enjoy a cornucopia of Irwin (and other dudes) swatting the ball away.

Here's the six times Clint Irwin was Nominated for MLS Save of the Week