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Critiquing Your Club Does Not Mean You Have Given Up

Wow, I got pissed on Saturday night

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I love the Colorado Rapids.  I always have and I always will.

That is never a question for me.  It never has been and it never will be.

This is a team that has welcomed me and my family out to games at both Mile High and Dick's Sporting Goods Park for over the last decade.  I have spent over $10,000 in tickets, jerseys, food, etc on this team.  I have gone to road games.  I have sat in the snow, rain, wind and cold.

And I am going into my fourth season writing about this team for SB Nation not because I am getting rich doing this but because I LOVE THIS TEAM.

I have talked with Tim Hinchey and Pablo Mastroeni and consider both of them friends.  Whether they feel the same, I can't say nor can I control.  But they are good people.

This Saturday I got a tweet that said I had given up on the Rapids.  I will not call that person out in this blog but you can figure it out if you read my timeline.  But my response (and warning, this is rated R) was simple

Let me explain something to people:

I love my team, but you better bet your ass that I will be open, blunt and honest in my criticism.  And here is the thing:

Calling them out on the mat for what has gone on in the last two years is my right as a fan.  It's as much a right for the Front Office to ignore it, but don't ever tell me I have given up.

I would never think to criticize a way another fan watches this team or follows this team.  Don't you dare tell me how to do it.  Don't you dare tell me that I am not a fan because I have called for Pablo Mastroeni to be fired.  Cause, guess what?  My partner and Pablo bonded over their shared concussion issues.  We know Pablo.  It's not personal.

I just don't think he should be coach.

But don't tell me I have given up.

I would never think to tell a fan that they have given up because I think the moves the Rapids have made have been bad.  It's my opinion, and it's an opinion shared by many.

I just think the moves have been terrible this off-season and the proceeding two years.

But don't tell me I have given up

I will continue to cover this team that I love and I certainly hope to make games this season, but that does not mean I cannot be critical.  And I encourage my writers to report the facts and offer their opinions.  To wit:

In 2013: the Rapids were 14-11-9 for 51 points and made the playoffs.  Their GD was +7

In 2014: the Rapids were 8-18-8 for 32 points and missed the playoffs.  Their GD was -19

In 2015: the Rapids were 9-15-10 for 37 points and missed the playoffs.  Their GD was -10

They have been shitty the last two years.  This cannot be disputed.

And it is my right to be critical.  The Rapids say there is a plan.  Great.  But right now, that plan looks like an abject failure.

You don't like me.  Fine.  You think I suck as a writer.  Fine.  You think I am a shitty Managing Editor.  Fine.

But don't you dare say I have given up.