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Burgundy Links: 29 January 2016

Pretty sure Osorio is not getting an invite to Don Garber's house anytime soon.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

What is it with National Team coaches criticizing Major League Soccer?

First it was Jurgen Klinsmann of the USMNT and now it is Juan Carlos Osorio from El Tri.


So if you have not seen this one, Osorio has a few thoughts about Major League Soccer and players at their peak.

This video, from ESPNFC, argues that Tim Howard to MLS and Colorado Rapids would be good for the league.

Getting back to El Tri, Mexico will be targeting US Based for their national team.

Still with the national team theme, Klinsmann has some thoughts on the January camp

The Quakes have a new jersey.  It looks pretty good and gets me a little psyched for the Rapids jersey reveal coming soon.

A good question:  is the move of Matt Miazga to Europe a good move for him?

Who doesn't like some bribery talk and Sepp Blatter?

Houston Dynamo are signing players.  So that's good right?