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Colorado Rapids Folk Hero Gallery of Honor

We all know about the Gallery of Honor at Dick's Sporting Goods Park. But what about the Folk Hero Gallery of Honor.

Andy Marlin/Getty Images

If you are reading this article you have been out to Dick's Sporting Goods Park a time or two and have taken a gander at the Colorado Rapids Gallery of Honor.  But in case you have forgotten what it all means, the Rapids Gallery of Honor recognizes former players who have made a significant contribution to the club and are considered the club's top players.  The current list is:

Marcelo Balboa--#17--Inducted 2003

Paul Bravo--#9--Inducted 2003

Chris Henderson--#19--Inducted 2007

Jon Spencer--#7--Inducted 2009

Pablo Mastroeni--#25--Inducted 2014

All of those players have made significant contributions to the club (in fact four of the five currently work for the Rapids in some capacity).  But what about the players who have done a lot for the Rapids that are not in the Gallery of Honor.  And let's be honest, that will be the bulk of the Rapids players.  Now sure, maybe Conor Casey or Drew Moor make it into the Gallery of Honor.  Or perhaps Matt Pickens or Joe Cannon one day.

Who knows?

But what about those other players who made an impact, but just didn't do enough--over a long period of time--to get the honor of induction into the Gallery of Honor.  Or maybe a coach who did a hell of a job whilst in Burgundy?  Is there someone out there that did a great job and is worth of some sort of honor?

Over the past couple of seasons the Rapids have done a nice job of recognizing players who have helped the team reach its greatest success: the 2010 MLS Cup Championship. And while I have always been a fan of Jamie Smith and Brian Mullan, there are other players who have done a fair bit of work for the Burgundy shirt.

Well, after some friendly twitter banter over the last several days I realized the Rapids need a different Gallery of Honor.  A Gallery that features some important historical Rapids players and coaches.  A Gallery that makes supporters go: "heck yeah, I remember him."

So I propose:  The Colorado Rapids Folk Hero Gallery of Honor.

(yes, I know the name needs work)

In this Gallery you might see players such as Mac Kandji, Wolde Harris, or Omar Cummings.  Or maybe a former coach or two such as Glenn Myernick or Gary Smith.

Maybe you are a massive fan of Julian Baudet or Colin Clark.  Or someone else maybe.

My first choice would be Terry Cooke, but maybe that is just me.  (If you were not a fan of the team when Cooke was around, you missed a terrific player)

Now, this doesn't have to be fancy.  Playing for Colorado has always meant you have to be a bit blue collar and bust your butt for everything that you have.  But that is also one of the reason that endears the team to the supporters.  So why not have this Gallery of Honor?  Celebrate the guys that helped make this team what it is.  The unsung heroes in Burgundy.

The guys that should be inducted into this Folk Hero Gallery of Honor.

It could be something simple:  Maybe a picture of the player with some stats that made him special.  Maybe in the Eighteen76  or some other place like that at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.  Imagine walking through Eighteen76, grabbing a beer or some food and seeing the faces that helped make this franchise what it is.

Maybe this is a far fetched idea.  Maybe I am crazy.  But this would be pretty slick to see and it would not be a major investment and would be a great way of saying thanks to the players and to the fans.

So who would you want Rapids fans?  Who would make your Folk Hero Gallery of Honor?  Hit us up in the comment sections below and let us know and why.  We will publish the best answers later in the week.