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How to Lose the Offseason: A TBM Guide

Every single winter we are told that the Colorado Rapids want to #WinTheOffseason. Yet this past week most fans feel like we have done just the opposite. This is the Backseat Manager's take on why.

I bet The FO is watching "How to Lose a Fanbase in 10 Days" here
I bet The FO is watching "How to Lose a Fanbase in 10 Days" here
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Initially I went into the offseason cautiously optimistic that somehow, some way the Rapids would be able to pull some sort of wizardry with the team like Vicente Sanchez would do on the field. Then December 3rd happened.

December 3rd is the day we heard about all of the options that were declined for the players currently on the Colorado Rapids' roster. You can see the full list here along with the other transactions the Rapids have made this season. Among those were fan favorites such as Drew Moor, young up and coming stars the FO hyped up for this year, and players that were probably deservedly let go. I was hoping that several of these players would see new contracts. The opposite ended up being true and Moor was picked up by Toronto FC because he was a free agent. This hit hard for many people and even made the Rapids lose a few fans; I know this from experience as my wife has declared that she will never watch the Rapids ever again. #WinTheOffseason score: -10

The news of the massive roster shift of 11 players was soon followed up with some good news. Marco Pappa of the Seattle Sounders was traded to the Rapids. This move was an excellent one as the Rapids lost one of their creative sparks in Vicente Sanchez when they decided to decline his option. Yet right before the SuperDraft we got news that Pappa was stabbed in the abdomen, potentially by his current girlfriend, the now former Miss Washington. This was a good trade by the Rapids, but bad luck with a crazy girlfriend. #WinTheOffseason score: -10

The SuperDraft at the time seemed like it went well at first. They traded their first round pick for the first spot in allocation order, to pick up Alejandro Bedoya, and allocation money, so they could pay down Alan Pulido's cap hit. I was getting excited for the possibilities this season. #WinTheOffseason score: 10

As a Rapids fan and an Arsenal fan I have pretty much grown accustomed to the inevitable let down that occurs after the halfway point of the season, but nothing could prepare me for the debacle of the past week. First we got word that FC Nantes declined to talk to the Rapids about Bedoya. Then we hear that the Rapids are going after Tim Howard instead, even though we have good goalkeepers already. All of a sudden Clint Irwin got traded to Toronto for almost nothing, sending another fan favorite to the Reds. Finally we heard Pulido may be suspended. Way to go Rapids, you just shot yourselves in both feet, tried to buy a hand to replace one of them and sawed off your other hand just so you could justify buying a new one. #WinTheOffseason score: -1000000

So what went wrong?

  1. The Rapids decided that shedding fan favorites who are some of the nicest guys in the league was worth the cap gain and allocation money, in spite of the fan reaction and negativity.
  2. The Rapids put too much into attempting to get a marquee player and instead of admitting they messed up decided to go for a good name, rather than a roster need.
  3. The Rapids went public with several moves that probably won't work and are now dealing with the PR nightmare that has hit the club.
  4. The Rapids caused their own "panic" by trading a player to justify buying a big name player in the same position.
  5. All of this time the Rapids have been dead silent on their website and social media about their plan going forward.
  6. The Rapids don't appear to have filled any of their actual needs, and after this week of gaffes they are now the laughingstock of not only the league but the entire soccer community. Heck, even the Men in Blazers commented on it.

The Rapids have not at all reached their goal to #WinTheOffseason. In my eyes they must have everything bass ackward. All of the moves appear to be completely opposite of doing what they can to build a successful team. So in the words of Chris, "!@#$ the Rapids." They have kept an inexperienced and clearly in-over-his-head coach, stagnated a team of rising stars, and appear to have the worst FO in the entire league. Hey, we already knew we had the worst owner in the league.