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REPORT: Pulido to be Suspended

This is bad, bad news.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Talk about a kick to the undercarriage if you are a Colorado Rapids supporter, let alone Front Office employee.  Our partner blog FMF State of Mind sent this tweet out earlier today:

And you can read the entire article that wrote here.

OK.  Like any report or rumor, nothing is confirmed until it is confirmed.  Period

BUT, if this is true, this is a major egg on the face moment for the Rapids.  They just finished two of the most terrible seasons in club history and have pissed off a majority of supporters and are now being mocked by the national media and in podcasts.  They are the laughingstock of the league and are poised to be even more dreadful in 2016.

However, this is a new low.  They were very public in their pursuit of Alan Pulido knowing full well what he would mean to the club.  And if this report is true they have swung and missed in the most public of venues and will need to work overtime to make this better.

Yikes.  Let's hope this is not true and he makes his way to Colorado, but right now, that looks unlikely.  I will gladly eat crow if I am wrong, but gosh.   This could be very bad for the Rapids.  This tweet says it all: