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How to Watch: The Burgundy Wave/Flakoglost FIFA Tournament

Yes, we like to have fun and we like to hang out together. And we like football.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Life is too short to get that worked up about the Colorado Rapids.  Yes, we love our club and yes, we Bleed Burgundy through and through.  It certainly does not mean we don't get frustrated from time to time with some of the lunacy that can envelop the Rapids.

But believe me, we love our club.

And writing for Burgundy Wave means you have to have a sense of humor and a certain levity when you write (and  the trait of never taking yourself too seriously).  And for our friends at the Flakoglost Football Podcast, you have to be knowledgeable about all sorts of football, but also the ability to laugh.

And so naturally it made sense to have these two proud institutions to battle it out in a FIFA Tournament!   There is even a trophy involved:

Without further adieu:

The Group Stage Draw:

Clavijo Group:

Oso Baer,

Editor Emeritus, UZ Worm

Storm In May

Toddy Todd

Palguta Group:


Protect Your Net

Rapids Rabbi

Jose Bueno

Patrick Mac

What to Watch For:

1)  Group of Death--It is clear, and statistical breakdown proves this, that the Palguta Group will be a brutal row for anyone of the five participants.  #DareToTerry and Protect Your Net have squared off in several friendlies in preparation for the big day and both will have eyes on the trophy.

2)  The Storm Is Coming--Storm in May has been working diligently working on her game and appears to be the odds on favorite to come out of the Clavijo Group.  Can she take the group and set herself up for a shot at raising the trophy?

3)  The Managing Editor Sucks--I love playing FIFA, but I am under zero illusion that even win one game in this glorious tournament.  But I am a fighter and a ginger, so I am going to bring my D+ game and see if I can pull an upset.

How to Watch:

Event Date/Time: Sunday, January 17, 2016 at 3:00 PM MST

Venue: Casa de Rapids Rabbi--Colorado, USA

Live Stream Information: YES!  I am working on a live stream for the folks that might want to watch this!  Check back later to see if I figure out the technology.

We will have a full recap of the tournament at its conclusion and we welcome you to follow along as I am sure I will do some sort of live tweeting at the Burgundy Wave Twitter account: @Burgundywave