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My Burgundy Rhyme from the South Stands

It ain't Hemingway--but neither am I. Some verses in light of last 24 hours of... whatever that was!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

So I get back from my three mile walk and what do I see?
A mug of Tim Howard staring back at me.
Do the Rapids enjoy being perpetually rebuffed?
I can say without question I've had just enough.

Away with the pick near the top of the board,
More allocation money to hoard.
According to smart folks, their first pick's a stretch.
Oh my--what plan will they now sketch?

Pulido? He's here for a year but no more.
Bedoya?  He's there in Nantes 'cross the shore.
Tim Howard? Now you're dangling red meat
So Rapids fans won't vote with their feet.

With their feet they will march out the door.
Will the Dick house their hindquarters anymore?
The Allocation Draft brings a glimmer of hope
But will this be enough to help us all cope?

In light of all the turmoil and strife
We see on the news as we turn out the lights,
A pick in the draft or a trade they may bring
Really counts little in the grand scheme of things.

Our Burgundy Boys brings a needed diversion
Our family enjoys the weekly excursion
To DSGP to scratch the itch
Of seeing our boys play out on the pitch.

But we need to know what lies ahead?
What trajectory is set? What's being said
About the future desired, the plans the dreams?
I see nothing to hope for from recent schemes.

So I'll say what I said at the start:
And I mean this from the bottom of my heart--
Do the Rapids enjoy being perpetually rebuffed?
I can say without question, I've just had enough.