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REPORT: Rapids After Everton Keeper Tim Howard?


Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

So here I am.  Enjoying a quiet Friday after a busy Thursday.  The RedHeads are off school today and we are enjoying some Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated when all of a sudden my Nokia Flip Phone beeps and I see a text from my good friend (and Burgundy Wave Staff Writer @milehighsoapbox):

"Did you see the espnfc report?  Rapids are going after Tim Howard"


Don't we already have a pretty sweet goalkeeper in Clint Irwin?  And a pretty damn capable backup in Zac MacMath?

According to Jeff Carlisle of ESPNFC, it could be happening.

But see here is the thing:  On one hand this is shocking that the Colorado Rapids would try and pull this off.   On the other hand, this is not a big shock.  Here is why?

The Rapids need buzz.  Any buzz right now.  They need to improve the team and they need to energize the fanbase in a way that they have not done in years.  The Rapids need *something* like this.

And if they trade Irwin, they are trading a player that will bring the most return for their buck.

So no, I am not shocked.  I would be severely bummed if Irwin left as he is the one player that gave his all last year, but keep in mind: the Rapids need to make a massive splash.  They are in big time danger of becoming completely irrelevant in this league.  If they manage to sign Alan Pulido and Tim Howard?

Splash achieved.  But will it bring results?