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Could and Should the Rapids Trade The Second Pick?

A report from has the Rapids considering trading the second pick

Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Tomorrow is the 2016 Major League Soccer SuperDraft in Baltimore and according to a report from, the Colorado Rapids are considering trading the second pick.  From

The Rapids sit at No. 2 overall, and though all signs point to them taking Stanford defender and recent U.S. national team call-up Brandon Vincent if they keep the pick, they are actively shopping the pick, hoping to land a sizable haul from a team eager to snag either Harrison or Georgetown defender Joshua Yaro.

"We're coming into this draft trying to find a starter," Colorado Rapids technical director Paul Bravo told Goal USA. "That's first and foremost, and that can be vague. If we find somebody within the league that gives us what we want, we could be looking to move that pick.

"I know from an optics standpoint, people look at us and say we need attacking talent, but what we're doing outside of the league will address all of that," Bravo said. "We're looking for guys who can give us depth in key places. Left back is a position of need. That's been our focus right now. Trying to figure out if there's a starter here or if we look to maybe move that on for a starter."

So that report makes is sound like the Rapids are at least willing to listen if teams come calling for the second pick and from a practical standpoint that makes sense.  But is it the right thing to do?

Listening to offers?  Yes, that is the right thing to do.

But trading that pick?  That is less clear.

Yes, the Rapids need help.  And yes, trading that pick could fetch them a potential haul in either current MLS players or additional draft picks.  But what is the best idea?

Conventional wisdom says that the Rapids are going to draft either midfielder Jack Harrison from Wake Forest of Brandon Vincent out of Stanford.  And both of those players look to be starters in MLS and could help the Rapids straight away.  But drafting in the SuperDraft is, at best, a dodgy situation.  The chances that you are going to find a sure fire starter are not guaranteed, and no matter how hyped a player is, there is always that chance of a bust.  This morning I posted an article about the Rapids history in the SuperDraft, and the results are mixed at best.  Since 2007:

The Rapids have drafted 33 players.

Of those 33, only seven played more than 20 games in Burgundy (Omar Cummings, Andre Akpan, Tony Cascio, Deshorn Brown, Dillon Powers, Marlon Hairston, Jared Watts)

And of those seven, only three have scored more than 5 goals in Burgundy (Cummings, Brown, Powers)

You could argue that the Rapids have not drafted well, and prior to 2012 that was probably true.  But in the last several years the Rapids have done quite well at finding players in the draft and should be commended for this.

However, for every Dillon Powers there is an equal chance at a Chris Cutshaw.

So what do the Rapids do?  And what should they do?

If I am making the decision, I am selecting Harrison or Vincent.   The Rapids have done well drafting in the last several years and can identify good college talent.  And the number two pick is something that the Rapids have to use and use it well.

So what will they do?  Unknown, but we will find out in less than 24 hours.