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Report: Pulido Unsure About Moving to Rapids

A Greek sports website reports Pulido doesn't want to come to Colorado... or any MLS team.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Greek sports site is reporting that Paul Bravo has been rebuffed in his efforts to acquire Mexican striker Alan Pulido from Grecian side Olympiacos FC. Burgundy Wave had previously reported he was tabbed to come to the Front Range from the Greek Champions League side, but this story leaves things a bit less optimistic.

Pulido has six caps for the Mexican Senior team, and four goals, all in the World Cup tune-up matches before Brazil 2014. The 24 year-old Pulido played for Tigres in Liga MX from 2010-2015, before transferring to Olympiacos, where he has yet to get into a match.

I can't vouch for how legit the reporting is, and it certainly takes some extra brain cells to figure out exactly what exactly was said, since Google Translate is, well, flawed. But here's the complete report (bolded lines my own emphasis):

The information from the other side of the Atlantic is not so optimistic for Alan Pulido and what it has to do with moving to Colorado Rapids. In fact the messages are not so optimistic for the American club that is trying in every way to change the player aspect.

The Colorado sent to Athens their technical director Paul Bravo to negotiate the acquisition of Mexican striker (borrowed), but still everything is in the air.

In the US and Mexico said that Alan Pulido has to bring home all solemnity and in every direction he does not want to play soccer in MLS! Of course, all this change from day to day, but the truth is how ... has broken with the issue of the American League.

It is not that only the Colorado Rapids, as well - as they say - the same answer would to any other club came from MLS systems and attempted to gain.

Indeed, this information is confirmed by the Rendi, and the players' ranks have the same feeling. That Poulidou does not want anything to move to the US.

The question of course lies elsewhere ... Where will the Poulidou? If it continues in the same pattern and does not change its mind on the US, there is nothing else currently on the horizon. He prefers to stay in the Olympic, knowing that it is calculated by the Silva?

It is obvious that after the saga of transcription of the "Reds" has turned into serials and his departure ...

Oh where will the Pulido turn? Tune in next time on, 'As the Transfer Window Turns.'