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Fiasco at Foxborough: What to Make of #USAvBRA

Well, that got ugly in what I'm terming now the Fiasco at Foxborough!

Yup, Jurgen!  That's how we all feel right now!
Yup, Jurgen! That's how we all feel right now!
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

USA vs. Brazil.  Foxborough. A great test for our crew, right?  More like a fiasco.

Neither squad was at full strength, but at least you see the depth of the Brazilian squad. Here's my thoughts after a good night's sleep.

  1. Put away your nooses for Jurgen Klinsmann. He's experimenting.  Dempsey wasn't on the roster, and it's becoming clearer how much we need Deuce in the lineup. But no fan feels good about facing Mexico, who looked decent even after giving up a 2-0 lead to escape with a draw. Mexico looked much better than the US did.  US fans are now approaching October 10 with a sense of dread.
  2. It's not a given that Tim Howard will replace Brad Guzan--but I still see it happening.  If it wasn't for Guzan, the game would have ended up 7-1.  He played well.  His backline did him absolutely no favors.  Hulk's first goal (9') was on a bizarre play when the defense was scrambling after that Brazilian cross hit the far post.  Guzan guessed right on the PK.
  3. DeAndre Yedlin and Michael Bradley struggled to the point of pitying him. The turnover followed by him getting faked out of his socks on that first goal set the tone for his evening.  I thought with his speed he would give the Brazilian midfield some problems, but he just couldn't get the ball out of his feet. As an Arsenal fan, I hope he'll do that some more for Tottenham--but when he has that US kit on, he needs to use his speed to put pressure on.  And that's one thing Brazil didn't have, pressure from the US.  

    As for Bradley, I lost count of how many turnovers he had.  He didn't seem able to complete a pass. If he's not on, we're toast for even the marginally good teams, much less Brazil!
That's all I have. Yes, I enjoyed watching Brazil move as one unit, something decidedly missing from the US squad.  What were your takeaways?