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Major League Soccer Releases Team Spending Numbers | Bad News For Colorado Rapids

The numbers are bad news for the Rapids, but not in the way you might think

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

There isn't much argument over if the Colorado Rapids are a good team this year, but there seems to be a lot of disparity in what people think the problem actually is. Some people say the coach Pablo Mastroeni should be fired, some want Tim Hinchey out, and some think its mainly a player performance issue. To be honest it's probably a little mix of everything, but the numbers recently released are very telling.

First take a look HERE

Now lets talk. First things first, we aren't last. To me this was extremely surprising. I feel like most of the complaining from this fanbase is due to us not spending enough money on players. Could we probably spend a little more money on some new faces? Yes, but apparently in the MLS right now spending money doesn't necessarily mean you are going straight to the top. For some of the teams it actually looks like the opposite. The bottom three in spending (FC Dallas, New York Red Bulls, and D.C. United) are currently in the top ten in the league and account for more than 20% of the Top 24 Under 24 list, while the team with the most spending, Toronto FC is out of the top ten and accounts for 0% of that same list.

The Rapids are in a lose, lose situation. Money isn't winning games in MLS which is good for us, but we still aren't winning games which still isn't good for us. Unlike FC Dallas and Fabian Castillo we don't have that one player to build a franchise around. If you ask the front office they don't know either (see THIS). Its scary and I don't know if things are turning around. I guess the best we can hope for is The Switchbacks and The Independence to keep being successful and it will eventually come back to help us.

Heres some other questions:

How hasn't Dillon Powers left already?

Why is Sam Cronin wearing the captains armband?

Does Nick LaBrocca really make that much?