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Colorado Rapids Player Ratings vs Houston Dynamo, September 26, 2015

An experiemental lineup gets a result only for the heroics of Vicente Sanchez. Sanchez gets two goals and almost a third. The defense took the night off and gave up three goals that should not have been goals. It has been a long season and it showed on Saturday night.

Get that out of here. The ball being cleared by Solignac in the match versus Houston Dynamo.
Get that out of here. The ball being cleared by Solignac in the match versus Houston Dynamo.
Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. This is what I thought of when I looked at the starting lineup for the Colorado Rapids on Saturday evening. Granted there were no surprises in the back five, but the formation and the other six players seemed to be chosen with the famous children’s counting rhyme.

The formation and players did not help and the Colorado Rapids lost 3–2 to the Houston Dynamo. The three goals all were scored when the Rapids defense made some horrible mistakes. The worst defender was Sean St Ledger. He was schooled by Will Bruin on the first and second goals and just stood watching as the Dynamo scored their third goal.

If it was not for the heroics of Vicente Sanchez, the Rapids would have been dominated all evening on the poor pitch in Houston. In fact, Sanchez almost had the equalizer, and hat trick, if not for a tremendous save by Tyler Deric.

The Rapids have four matches left. Needless to say they won’t be going to the playoffs. Let’s hope they use these four matches to start putting their team together for next year. Oh, and bring the Rocky Mountain Cup back to Denver on Sunday.

Here is how I saw the match.

Clint Irwin (5): Irwin had a miraculous save on a point-blank shot by Will Bruin. It somehow stayed out of the net. The three goals that did find the net were not the responsibility of Irwin. We would like him to make those saves, but he didn’t have much of a chance.

Maynor Figueroa (4): On the first goal, he had to come in to the middle once Sean St. Ledger dove in on Will Bruin a long way from goal and Burling didn’t close down Barnes fast enough. This left Miranda open to fire it into the net.

Sean St Ledger (1): I think a one may be beneficial for St Ledger on this one. He dove in on Bruin in the first goal, was turned by Bruin and then fell down on the second goal and stood their watching as the ball bounced around the box on the third goal. I heard rumors of an injury earlier in the week and I am wondering if that impacted him more than we were let on.

Bobby Burling (2): Just seemed slow in the match. He was slow to close down Bruin and Barnes on the first goal and failed to close down the cross on the third goal. This just seems like the same review through out the season on Burling. Just a little slow…

Drew Moor (4): Drew was unlucky on the third goal. He went up for a header and the ball came off his leg out for Brad Davis. Otherwise it was not that bad of a match where he was able to get up in the attack.

Marcelo Sarvas (3): it was another ho-hum match for Sarvas. I did not realize he was on the pitch until the second half. And that includes sliding into the net on Sanchez’s second goal. He did get a second goal and was in the right but the referee looked to like spraying magic foam instead of letting the Rapids start play.

Jared Watts (2): Watts needs to be stronger on the ball. This was most evident on the first goal when Bruin just shoved him off the ball at midfield and started the break that led to the first goal.

Lucas Pittinari (4): Lucas had several recoveries and had a successful pass rate of just more than 70%, but why do I feel that it wasn’t that impressive. He is a young player getting a lot of time. Just wish it was more memorable and that may not be a bad thing.

Vicente Sanchez (8): He was amazing on the evening. He got his opening goal on a wonderful free kick around the wall away from Deric. He was credited for the second goal when he crossed the ball and it went off a Dynamo player, don’t know why this isn’t an own goal. Almost got a third on the before-mentioned free kick.

Dillon Powers (6): He was put up top as the striker but played more of a attacking midfielder, distributing the ball to his wings. He played a wonderful give-and-go with Sanchez and earned the assist on Sanchez’s second goal. Needless to say, I don’t think striker is his best position or one that he should regularly play.

Luis Solignac (3): As someone who has played striker it was strange to see him out on the wing. While he was supposed to be one of the scorers on the Rapids attack, only getting one shot, and not on target, was quite disappointing. He also played a bad pass to Figueroa that led to the second goal.


Gabriel Torres (3): For a substitute coming on in the 58 minute and being down one goal you would expect more from him. He only had the ball a few times and made a few passes. It goes to show the Rapids, except for Sanchez, didn’t have a good evening.

Juan Ramirez (N/A): Came on for Dillon Powers in the 81 minute.