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Out of the Playoff Race? Five Reasons Why You Should Still Watch Your Colorado Rapids

We've known it for a while: the playoffs are and have been out of reach. So why still watch? Here's why!

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

We've known it for a while--the Colorado Rapids are not just out of the playoffs, but are struggling as a team both in talent and in coaching.  We have four games left.  With the playoffs out of sight, here's why you should still watch the Rapids here on out.

  1. The Rocky Mountain Cup is still within reach. The Rapids next game is Sunday, October 4 at 5 pm against Real Salt Lake.  A win outright locks it in and we take it home. A draw locks it in as well.  We lose by one goal and it's still ours.  The first game in Rio Tinto was a 0-0 draw (I still feel badly for Dillon Powers), whereas the second (glorious) game was here in Commerce City, a 3-1 win.  This means that the Rapids are up four points to one.  If RSL wins, they are tied at four points a piece, meaning that the aggregate will decide the tie breaker.  If the aggregate is tied as well, then the current holder of the Cup will retain it.
  2. We'll see some good soccer from our opponents. Not counting RSL (I never count RSL), we'll see Impact de Montreal and Didier Drogba--who has been quite impressive in turning around that beleaguered franchise.
  3. Will the players rally around Pablo? Since Pablo was given a vote of confidence, the Rapids have not risen to the occasion in support.  Will they in the last four games?
  4. Will Pablo give younger players a chance to show their stuff? Marlon Hairston, Charles Eloundou, Dillon Serna, Axel Sjoberg--will they (when healthy) see playing time? Some give the younger players an opportunity in order for other teams to see them strut their stuff.  This might work, giving the Rapids some options in picking up quality players, especially on offense.
  5. You're a supporter! Look, I know it's frustrating watching the Rapids at this point.  It's an ice-pick-in-the-eye season for us as supporters. Yet, we watch--and hope--and groan--and whatever else we do. We love Vicente. We find any positives we can (as difficult as that is).  Let's end this season supporting our Burgundy Boys, and let's keep the pressure on the front office to do better.  That's what supporters do!
Why will you continue to watch your Rapids?