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Colorado Rapids at Houston Dynamo: Man of the Match Voting

The Rapids played a match on Saturday night. They didn't win. Sigh

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Honestly, this was a bizarre match.

The Colorado Rapids and Houston Dynamo combined for five total goals, some terrible defense on both sides, and apart from that, there were some fun moments of this one.

But it was not a game that the Rapids were going to win.  It is difficult to envision a winning scenario when you start a goalkeeper, four defenders and three defensive midfielders.

And when Dillon Powers is started as a striker.....

There were some bright moments.  Vicente Sanchez looked terrific on the night.

There were some bad moments.  Sean St. Ledger looked horrid all night.

And we have Pablo Quotes:

First off, overall thoughts on the game?

I think anytime you concede an early goal on the road, it's going to be a tough game. I thought we fought back and got in the game a couple of times, but I think on the night overall, they were beating us for a lot of first balls, second balls and we just made too many individual mistakes on the back line—too many poor decisions defending. When you have that and you concede three goals, you're never going to win a game. I commend the effort, I commend the fight in the group to come back and make it 2-2, but I'm really disappointed with the mentality and the mindset that we had given up a goal in the first minute after the break.

Speaking of Vicente [Sanchez], how important was his presence—two goals in the first half, almost had a third one. What did he bring to the team today?

Well, he was obviously a bright spot tonight—his contribution on the scoresheet is what kept us in the game. I thought his effort was good. Defensively, I think it was one of his best performances to date for the group, so unfortunately, there wasn't enough of those performances and the result [reflected] that.

It was a tough matchup through him [Vicente Sanchez] and [DaMarcus] Beasley. How did Beasley's performance affect your plan of attack?

The focal point was to try and get him behind with Luis [Solignac] on the left side and allow Vicente to isolate 1v1 and I think he did a really good job. Again, there was some very good play in between there, the second goal in particular, some very good football. We had some good chances. I think we were impotent in front of goal and too many bad decisions on the defensive end, and those two aren't conducive to getting the result.

Finally, moving forward, what's the team's plan for the next couple of weeks? For next week?

We've got a couple of days to recover here, prepare for Salt Lake and make sure we put on a good performance. We've got the Rocky Mountain Cup at stake here, something to fight for. Make sure we come out with the right attitude and we've got a lot of work to do on the defensive end of the ball, but I was pleased with some of the forward play, so just finding ways to bring those two together and get a good performance for our fans.

So who was your Colorado Rapids Man of the Match?  Let us know in the poll!