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Rapids Player Ratings at Toronto FC, September 19, 2015

An extremely frustrating match where in the first 20 minutes the Colorado Rapids seemed to still be back in their hotel room for the earlier than usual start. It was just inexcusable for the Rapids to let Giovinco run through them like they were practice dummies set up for him to work on his skills. Not a good day for the Rapids.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

I feel this was the most frustrating and poor performance of the season, the Colorado Rapids lost to Toronto FC 3–1. From top to bottom the Rapids let the best player in the league run free and that led to all three goals.

On the first goal Lucas Pittinari had a chance to stop or foul Sebastian Giovinco at midfield. He did not do that and then proceeded to jog behind him. Sam Cronin ran along side him and Bobby Burling did not close him down right away. Granted Clint Irwin should have had the save, but Giovinco should never have been able to dribble that far.

On the second goal, Jonathan Osario flicked the ball to Giovinco who was not tracked by Cronin and Drew Moor did not close him down. It was just too easy for him. And once again, he is probably the best player in Major League Soccer this year.

The final goal for Toronto came on a corner. It started when Giovinco got free again when Moor got out of position and no one closed him down. Sean St Ledger was able to get the block, but it went out for a corner. On the corner, St Ledger let Damien Perquis beat him to the ball and it cost the Rapids.

It took going down three goals for the Rapids to wake up. Dillon Serna had a couple opportunities including a point-blank shot that Chris Konopka saved. But that led to the corner where Dillon Powers scored. The rest of the first half was all Rapids and were unlucky not to score.

One thing that perplexes me. Serna was the most dangerous offensive player for the Rapids in the first half. Yes he had some bad touches, but that is how you learn and grow. For some reason he was subbed off at halftime. I haven’t heard of injury, but I think Serna should have seen the entire match out.

Here is how I saw the match.

Clint Irwin (5): Clint would like to have the first goal back. He should have made that save. But right before that he made a good save on a Giovinco free kick that was moving all over the place.

Drew Moor (2): Drew was pushing forward but got himself too far out of position several times. He failed to close down Giovinco on the second goal.

Bobby Burling (2): Burling failed to close down Giovinco on the first goal. He did draw a yellow on Jozy Altidore.

Sean St Ledger (2): He was beat on the third goal and could have done a better job of closing down Giovinco on the second goal.

Maynor Figueroa (5): Not a bad match but not a good one either. He did get five shots off but only one of those was on target. He also had some dangerous crosses. He had one late in the first half that crossed in front of the net, but unfortunately none of the Rapids made the run to tap it in.

Sam Cronin (1): Failed to track and close down Giovinco twice and that is inexcusable for one of your defensive midfielders. He also had five fouls and a yellow. Having that many fouls, he was lucky to not see red. On Cronin’s yellow, I don’t get what Giovinco was doing putting two hands to his face. Cronin wasn’t near his face.

Lucas Pittinari (1): His play was also inexcusable for not fouling Giovinco before he started his run to the first goal. He was somewhat lucky not to see red on a tackle of Giovinco later in the match. But not hustling after Giovinco got by him is quite poor.

Vicente Sanchez (4): He had some dangerous moments but only had two shots that were not on target. He did get the assist on Powers’ goal.

Dillon Powers (5): Powers had a great header that found the back of the net gave the Rapids some hope. Otherwise there was not much for Power in this match.

Dillon Serna (5): I think that Dillon Serna was the man-of-the-match. He had a great opportunity and got a powerful shot off, but it was saved by the goal keeper. This led to Powers’ goal. He was otherwise active in attack.

Luis Solignac (2): He had one shot and that was not on goal. You need more than that from your striker. He also strayed offsides three times. One of those offsides took a potential stoppage time goal away from the Rapids. While trying to be aggressive, he needs to watch that more.


Gabriel Torres (3): He came on at halftime and was not as active as Serna was. He managed only one shot and took two corners. As before, I don’t think this was a good sub in this match.

Juan Ramirez (3): He got a run out of 21 minutes and was not really involved in the play. I just did not see anything from him.

Marcelo Saravas (N/A): He came on in the 87 minute for Cronin.

That is how I saw the match. What do you think?