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Pablo is Coming Back--And We'll Have to Live With It

So Daniel Boniface has confirmed Rapids Coach Pablo Mastroeni will return for 2016. This is the reality with which we live, Rapids fans.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Now we as Colorado Rapids fans know for sure, hand shake, pinky swear that Pablo Mastroeni will return as head coach.  The majority of Rapids fans were holding out hope of some sort of change coming into 2016, meaning that the dumpster fires of the last half of 2014 and all of 2015.  After all, the Chicago Fire parted ways with their entire coaching staff after their latest loss and elimination from the playoffs.  So many Rapids fans expected, even hoped for, something similar.

One would hope that the news of Pablo's affirmation from the front office would turn into something significant on the field against Toronto FC.  Instead, we saw more questionable selections in the starting XI and a questionable strategy against Toronto in general, and Sebastian Giovinco in particular.  But with Pittanari failing to gather him in and Sean St. Ledger in perpetual retreat on each of those two goals by the Atomic Ant.  (I will say, it was good seeing Luis Solignac back up top.)

But Pablo is back for 2016. Now we know.  The cat's out of the bag.  That ship has sailed. Move along, folks--nothing to see here.

Yes, I totally understand the frustration!  Those of us who watch European soccer recognize that if we were an EPL or a Bundesliga team, Pablo likely wouldn't have survived the end of 2014. An optimist would say that they are giving Mastroeni every opportunity to succeed.  Bringing in an offensive minded assistant could help.  But how much?

The one thing that I do ask the Rapid fandom to stop doing is this: let's stop the complaining about how Pablo should go.  He's not going anywhere right now.  Our energies need directed elsewhere.  Besides, what good will it do?  #PabloOut needs retiring.  Now, other hashtags may arise?

  • #WhatGivesPablo
  • #PabloHatesAllDillons
  • #PabloHeartsLaBrocca
Be creative!  Who knows?  The new coaching staff, as well as some new players, could be the turnaround of the ages.  I'm not optimistic, given (as our BW boss has already alluded to) the personnel moves of losing Marvelle Wynne, Shane O'Neill, and Deshorn Brown (among others).

But I will say this: I'm glad we're not as quick to pull the trigger on coaches like many European squads.  Who would we get?  But again, he's in.  It's a reality we as Rapids fans have to live with.  Let's see if obtaining an experienced, offensive-minded coach will do the trick.  I hope so.

I'm weary of my pilgrim journey in this Burgundy Valley.