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Analyzing the Deadline Moves--Are the Rapids Better or Worse?

In 2014 the Rapids blew the Transfer Deadline by signing Zat Knight (LOL). Is this year any different?

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

As I was sitting here watching a debacle of a match featuring the Colorado Rapids and their obligatory trip to Toronto it got me thinking: are the Rapids better off this year then they were last year.  And more specifically are they better since the Transfer window slammed shut in August.

To answer the first question:  Yes, they are better this year then they were last year at this point.  But only marginally and that is because the defense is sort of better.

But the second question takes a bit more of thought.  Are the Rapids better since the transfer window?

The answer is: kind of.

The Window closed on August 6, 2015 and at that point Shane O'Neill was sold and Maynor Figueroa and Sean St. Ledger were signed by the Rapids.  Here is the Rapids record before and after that date:

Win Loss Draw Points Per Game
before August 6 5 7 9 1.14
after August 6 3 4 1 1.25

Yep.  Since the window shut on August 6, the Rapids are grabbing slightly more points per game.

But since the Rapids added two defensive starters, you would expect that the Rapids goals against average would be better since that point.

Goals Against Average
before August 6 1.04
after August 6 1.38

So, um, yeah.  About that.  You make a big deal about needing defensive depth and help and your goals against record has gotten worse.  Explain that please.

But what is fun about all of this is the lack of offensive signings by the Rapids at the window.  That was the area that needed the most strengthening and it was ignored.

Goals Per Game
before August 6 0.90
after August 6 1.14

Now, before you get all excited about the Rapids scoring more goals, keep in mind that they are still DEAD LAST in scoring in Major League Soccer.  And when you look at the entire season...

Win Loss Draw Points Per Game Goals Per Game Goals Against Per Game
Season Total 8 11 10 1.17 0.93 1.13

After looking at all of these numbers, did I actually learn anything?  Honestly, the Front Office of the Colorado Rapids took a middling squad and only made them more middling.  And why again did they do this?  I would LOVE to hear that answer.