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Colorado Rapids at Toronto FC: Man of the Match Voting

The Rapids went to Canada. It did not go as planned.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

If the Colorado Rapids hope for today was to get crushed against Toronto FC, then call it mission accomplished.

If the Rapids hope for today was to play attractive attacking soccer and grab a result, call this one a failure.

Some Pablo Quotes for you:

Thoughts on the game?

I think we got off to a really good start. I think we were bright. The story of the first half was getting beat on counter attacks when we had possession of the ball. Couple of decisions, not playing the right choice of ball then the shape behind the ball was not good enough and we got beat through this. Both those goals came off of missed possession in the attacking third. Today we got beat by the best player in the league who is firing on all cylinders and really on both those goals we could have done better. Some interesting decisions to say the least as they marched eighty yards down the field. It was one tough decision after the next but I think the response in the second half was fantastic. We started getting balls in the box getting balls in dangerous areas. For me it's a game of two halves and unfortunately they did a lot more with the half that they were on top of.

You are a coach that prides himself being tight at the back, do you have any comments on how you could have handled Giovinco?

This game is all about decisions, split second decisions. You got to be able to communicate, you got to be able to talk, you got to position yourselves early. I talked about the shape behind the ball which is basically preparing yourself for a counter attack when we weren't in possession of the ball. I think too many times we didn't foul when we could have and allowed him to breathe a little bit and allowed him to get running room. These are all decisions you have to make when the game is flying. It is easy for me to say from the sidelines what I would have done differently but when you are out on the field and there are guys flying you have to make split second decisions to snuff a counter attack or to continue running with him knowing that you have support. I think tonight we made too many bad decisions in transition to defend and against a guy and a team like that it will be difficult to get a result.

Talk about the response in the second half.

I think we had some really good looks in the second half. Unfortunately we couldn't get our bodies set up the right way, getting our feet moving the right way, the choice of shot may not have been the best but the effort and desire to get back into the game from the guys was absolutely fantastic. That's what you want to see as a manager going down three one at half, what's the response like, and it was fabulous. I think we were a bit unlucky not to get that second goal that would have changed the whole dynamic of the game.

Yeah, OK Pablo.  Whatever.

So who was your Colorado Rapids Man of the Match?  Hit us up in the poll and let your voice be heard!