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Backpass 9-15-15: We Weren't That Good, Here's Some 'Celo Golazos

I'm off for Rosh Hashanah. Enjoy these golazos.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids are still trying to grind on every team, and still trying to win games 1-0, and they're still just scraping along in the bottom of the Western Conference. We are neither out of the playoffs yet, nor likely to climb back into the race after a tie (OTOH, the MLS website described RSL's win as 'reviv(ing) their playoff hopes. No. No it does not.) I'm not sure it's really worth any of our time to say or do more than that. For these last couple games, it's probably better to say less, as we turn our thoughts to next year. Which for me, starts tonight.

Happy Jewish New Year people. I bless us that 5776 brings us lots more goals, a revitalized attacking midfield, a big-money designated player, the resgning of Vicente Sanchez, a home grown academy player or two that can make the big club, and a few true gems out of the MLS Superdraft. At least someone I can buy a kit of that I won't regret in a month.

But before that, let's go back to a simpler time. A time of bushy mullets and baggy jerseys. Of 'Celo Golazos.