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Colorado Rapids vs D.C. United: Man of the Match Voting

Who was your Man of the Match last night?

Piitinari got contact on this one at least
Piitinari got contact on this one at least
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids and D.C. United took the pitch for the only time in 2015 last night and for the Rapids it was a night of wasted opportunities in a 1-1 draw.  The Rapids took the lead in the 28th minute by a goal from Rapids defender Bobby Burling that snuck into the bottom left corner.

The Rapids looked like they were on their way to a very critical victory, but were undone by some poor defending which allowed DCU to score the equalizer.  The Rapids had their chance for the game winner late on as Lucas Pittinari was wide open in front of the net and was unable to put his foot into the ball and missed it completely.  The miss was a microcosm of the Rapids season and for Rapids supporters all that can be hoped for now is this lost season will mercifully end soon.

So who was your Rapids Man of the Match?  Check the poll and let your voice be heard.