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#VANvCOL: What Did You Expect, Rapids Fans?

Given the Rapids play on Saturday, did we really expect anything mind-blowing from a mid-week game?

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Pablo Mastroeni seemed to look ahead to the D.C. United game (Saturday, 7:00 pm MT at DSGP).  How can I say this?

At first glance, the starting XI showed me that he didn't want to use Kevin Doyle or Vicente Sanchez much upfront, to save their legs for Saturday.  Doyle was fresh off a stint with Ireland surprisingly played 32 minutes, and Sanchez came off the bench in the 77th minute to try and add a spark.  One should understand why he kept them on the bench.

It's still frustrating. After winning five of eight, we headed into Vancouver realizing that, yes, they were the second-best team in the league (and after this win, they are now in the lead for the Supporters' Shield), the Colorado Rapids were responsible for two of their three losses.  They've proven they could match up with them--but that starting XI Mastroeni trotted out on the field would not match up well with them at all.  (For more splendid details to this, I am looking at our Resident Rapids Rabbi for top-flight analysis, which he always provides.)

I wasn't expecting much out of this.  And 25 minutes in, we weren't getting much!  Even Whitecaps fans commented on the snoozefest:

Call me crazy, but we shouldn't expect that much from midweek games from this team at this point. I want our boys to win as badly as the next. But not on a three day turnaround.  Let's gear up and throw our best team out against DC United. I always think that even the worst in the West has a shot against the best of the East.