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Colorado Rapids at Vancouver Whitecaps: Man of the Match Voting

Ugh. What an ugly bit of football by the Burgundy Boys.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

I am trying hard to stay positive right now.  I really, really am.  In fact, I got some grief this weekend that I was not as being as positive as I used to be.

Well, winning 16 games in two years will do that to me and writing about the Colorado Rapids makes it so difficult to be that positive person I normally am.

And in the 0-2 loss on the road to Vancouver Whitecaps there is almost nothing to be positive about.  The Whitecaps beat the Rapids in every meaningful category and the Rapids mounted zero offensive threat.

Despite all of that, who was your Colorado Rapids Man of the Match?  Was it Juan Ramirez for his constant flopping on the ground?  Was it Marc Burch for his Man-Bun and swearing on TV?  Or perhaps it was Clint Irwin being hung out to dry by poor defending (which is kind of funny since there were 8 defenders out there).  Or was it the little black pebbles coming up from the turf at BC Place?

So let your voice be heard Rapids fans!  Who was your Man of the Match?