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Colorado Rapids 1:2 Columbus Crew SC--Rapids Implode And Embarrass Themselves Again

Well that was....

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids lost another game at home to a superior Columbus Crew SC side at Dick's Sporting Goods Park to fall even farther behind in the Western Conference Playoff Race.  The 2-1 defeat to the Crew pretty much eliminates any hope that the Rapids had in trying to climb back into the race, but it was not so much the defeat as the manner of such defeat

My thoughts:

1) Embarrassed at Home: This is a common theme and it is clear the the Front Office and Ownership are OK with this level of ineptitude at home.  So much has been made about making this a fortress, but when the visitors come in an absolutely KICK YOUR ASS ON YOUR HOME PITCH you should just be embarrassed.  How people keep their jobs after this will be beyond me.

2) Pablo Waives the White Flag: Pablo started a goalkeeper, four defender and three defensive midfielders.  Dude, why don't you be honest with supporters and say WE ARE NOT TRYING TO WIN AT HOME.  But whatevs, right?  It's not like the object of sport is to, you know, win games.

3) No Hope: There is literally no hope.  None.  At All.  With three months left in the season, the Rapids will be playing out the string and supporters, for the third time in four years, are faced with a prospect of no playoffs.  Just.  Sigh.

The Rapids are back in action next Friday on the road against San Jose Earthquakes.  A team they have not beaten since Obama's first term.  What could possible go wrong?