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Colorado Rapids Transfer Day: Quiet on Thursday, Shane Gone on Friday

The Colorado Rapids held firm on Transfer Day. And then they did not on Friday.

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I will have more on this later today


The Secondary Transfer Window came and went yesterday and for the Colorado Rapids there was not much in the way of news of players either coming or going.  There were two major points of contention for the Rapids: the status of Shane O'Neill and Roger Johnson:

Shane O'Neill:

The young Boulder native has been rumored to be moving to Cyprus or perhaps England (West Ham United was the team most mentioned) but at this point, the U-23 USMNT defender is staying put in Commerce City.  Certainly, O'Neill's status could change going forward, but you could say that about any player on the team.  I know that supporters are complaining that he is not getting more time on the pitch, but when you look at the defensive statistics, the Rapids have been very solid.  You may not like Player X or Player Y, but its not as if the Rapids suck along the backline.  I like O'Neill, and wish he played more, but the defense has been stout most of the year and his playing time is limited right now.

Roger Johnson:

I love the Twitter's.  Man, you bring one guy in and everyone has a comment, either for or against.  Yes, Johnson has been a part of a number of relegation battles that ended poorly.  I am sure it is not "his fault" that teams got relegated, but he will be linked to those situations.  My question on his possible signing is do the Rapids really need another Defensive Midfielder?  They currently have Marcelo Sarvas, Sam Cronin, Nick LaBrocca,  and Lucas Pittinari slotted into that role.  I just don't see where he fits, but if the club feels he is an upgrade over one of those players, OK.

Window Shut?

The window may be shut right now, but it is not closed.  For players that are currently out of contract, MLS teams can sign them until September 15 when the rosters are frozen.  So there is still time for the Rapids to make moves, just not for those under contract.