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Ugrás Rapids: Tell Us Your Best Overseas Football Experience

As you read this, the South Stands is overseas in Hungary! I started thinking: what's your best overseas soccer/football experience?

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

As I write this article, this Colorado Rapids fan is preparing for a 10-day missions trip to Hungary.  So by the time you read this, I'll be right in the middle of it, absorbing as much of that country as possible. I've checked around the web and have come across a local clubs.  ETO Gyor is the primary club found in Gyor, our headquarters.  The ever-reliable Wikipedia (kidding, folks) describes this club as follows:

They are best known for reaching the semi-finals of the European Cup 1964-65. The club has won the Hungarian League four times. In 1904 the club was founded as Győri Vagongyár ETO and has undergone many name changes since. The colours of the club are green and white.

Indeed!  And Hungary's national team?

Hungary has a respectable football history, having won three Olympic titles, finishing runners-up in the 1938 and 1954 FIFA World Cups, and third in the 1964 UEFA European Football Championship. Hungary revolutionised the sport in the 1950s, laying the tactical fundamentals of Total Football and dominating international football with the remarkable Golden Team which included legend Ferenc Puskás, top goalscorer of the 20th century, whom FIFA dedicated its newest award, the Puskás Award.

Not bad!  It's doubtful whether I'll catch a match over there, but I've started collecting scarves while traveling (maybe a kit as well).  So, hopefully I can grab a Germany scarf, Hungary, Gyor, and a Switzerland scarf on my flight back.  Who knows?

So those of you who have travelled overseas and witnessed European, South American, or African footy, would you be so kind as to share your experiences with us Burgundy Wave readers?

(On a side note, much of my heart is in Trinidad and Tobago.  Were, by chance, any readers in Trinidad & Tobago when they qualified for their first and only World Cup in 2006?)

As I believe they would say in Hungarian:

Ugrás Rapids