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With the Rapids Loss, Do We Turn Our Soccer Attention Elsewhere?

Losing to the Galaxy was crushing for our playoff hopes. Do we turn our attention to other leagues gearing up?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The loss to the LA Galaxy was a serious blow to our flickering playoff hopes, but we still are 3-1-0 in our last four games. The second half adjustments seemed nonexistent, and once again a team that was struggling on the road found new life in 'The Richard' (I don't know who came up with that expression, but I like it).

So, do we now turn our attention elsewhere? No, not entirely, but we do know that other football leagues are firing up: EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, Liga MX...well, you know who they are. I confess, I'm pumped about Arsenal, Everton, Wolfsburg and Dortmund, Roma, and Cruz Azul bringing that special brand of football back again for 2015-16.

Does this take the sting away from the Colorado Rapids form? Some! It's a clean slate with these teams. We can find some hope somewhere. But these are teams far away,  that we may or may not ever see play in person. But our Rapids? For them,  the start of the season is a special kind of hope, and the spinning out of a season is a special kind of hurt. We know the players, commiserate with the fans, have our seats at the stadium, buy the gear, and cling to anything positive, and amplify anything negative.

Like I said, special!

So what are your favorite teams in other leagues worldwide, and why? And does this help you cope with the disappointment of the Rapids season?