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Game Recaps: Colorado Rapids 2:1 Houston Dynamo--Rapids Win Despite Playing a Putrid Game

If you are a fan of the beautiful game, I sure hope you did not go to Commerce City on Wednesday night.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

I get it.  I should be so damn stoked that the Colorado Rapids won their second game in a row and are now just five points from a playoff spot.  I should be pumped that with that game in hand the Rapids could be as close as two points from a playoff spot.  I should be stoked that I got to watch the game with one of my mates and had a great time having beers and watching this match.

But you know what, I am not.

The Rapids played like an absolute pile of dog shit and were able to beat another dog shit team at home.  They did WHAT THEY WERE EXPECTED TO DO.  So please, do not act like this is some amazing act of divine intervention.  The Rapids beat a crap Dynamo team at home.

Some thoughts:

1)  Meh, whatevs: The Rapids were able to score two goals for the first time since July 11 and some Rapids fans could be impressed.  One of the goals came on a penalty that may or may not have been legit and the second came on a broken play and some spectacular work from Kevin Doyle.  Sorry, not impressed.  The Rapids were largely disinterested the bulk of the night and played like a team that does not know what to do with the ball.

2)  The cluelessness: The Rapids are so comical right now that they do not even know what is what:

or when Kevin Doyle scored the public address announcer could not even get the number of goals he has scored this season correct.  Just Sigh.

3)  Pablo: I like you Pablo, but you are out of your element.  You play a largely terrible starting XI and your team is so putrid that no one shows up.  There were maybe 5,000 people at the game tonight and I don't give a rats ass that it was on a Wednesday.  Put a compelling and winning team out there and the fans will come.  You do not care enough to try to win so why should fans spend their money to see this team play.

The Rapids take the pitch on Saturday against  Sporting at home in a match that the Burgundy Boys must win to have any shot of the playoffs.