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How Do You 'Watch' Rapids Games Away from the Stadium or TV?

There's more than one way to watch a Rapids game. What's yours?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

I did not watch the Rapids match this past Saturday.  No, I wasn't protesting. I had a meeting with our missions team that's headed to Hungary this week.  So, when we took our breaks, I had my MLS app up to keep me up-to-date.  Imagine my surprise when within the first two minutes, Dillon Serna scored his third goal of the year.  My Colorado Rapids (yes, they are all mine!) were up on the Chicago Fire--on their way to their first win ever at Toyota Park.

Sometimes, I use the MLS app, other times, I listen to Fleming and Balboa (FlemBoa?) on Mile High Sports. I sometimes follow the hashtags (#CHIvCOL, anyone?) where the comments are fantastic. This was sweet.

Uberfan Joan put our sentiments so well regarding our GK:

And our own Richard Fleming gave the most classic tweet of all:

I hope he has a good, long career here with Rapids Nation. But, that's Twitter. What ways do you 'watch' the Rapids when you're away from DSGP or the TV?