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Colorado Rapids Player Ratings at San Jose Earthquakes, August 14, 2015

A disappointing match, not only with the result but the performance on the field. Two new acquisitions made their debut and didn't disappoint, but didn't stand out either. It will be a long last two months of the season.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The misery continues for Rapids fans as the Colorado Rapids lost 1–0 away to the San Jose Earthquakes. This was one ugly match on both sides and somehow the Earthquakes were able to force home a goal early in the second half.

This match saw the debut of Maynor Figueroa and Sean St. Ledger for the Rapids. Though not outstanding, neither disappointed. Juan Ramirez and Dillon Powers got out of the doghouse though Powers was subbed off for some reason in the 81 minute. Gabriel Torres is still in the doghouse and was only able to get 9’.

Clint Irwin was stellar again, though he only faced one difficult shot. He had no chance on the goal by Clarence Goodson. Kevin Doyle had a difficult match, not getting any service or having to drop so far back to get the ball, he was out of position to do anything.

Here is how I saw the match.

Clint Irwin (7): Clint made a great save in the first half. A cross came in that Goodson flicked on and Irwin was able to stay with it and get the ball. He also did well to deflect a Quincy Amarikwa shot.

Maynor Figueroa (5): It was a decent start for Figueroa and could develop in to a good player for the Rapids backline. He was confident on the ball however a little more confident on his shots. He may need to be more judicious in his shots, but at least he kept it below the crossbar though it was wide.

Sean St Ledger (5): St Ledger also had a decent start. The biggest moment came in the first half when he saved a goal by deflecting the shot by Shea Salinas. He also got into a nice shouting match with Amarikwa in the second half.

Bobby Burling (3): This was not a good performance by Burling. He didn’t get to the cross that led to Goodson’s goal and was schooled by Amarikwa that cost him another yellow card on the season. He did well in the first half when he took the ball of Nyassi.

Drew Moor (4): Drew had a decent game at right back but could have closed down Amarikwa on the cross to Goodson. Just before, he put in a good cross to Powers who put the ball off the crossbar.

Sam Cronin (4): Cronin earned a yellow by pulling down an Earthquake player in the second half. Otherwise it was a typical performance by him. Nothing that really stood out for me.

Jared Watts (5): Jared was strong in the first half and a lot more active and involved than Marcelo Sarvas who replaced him at half-time. He was physical when needed and earned a yellow in his 45 minutes.

Dillon Powers (6): Dillon was my man of the match. He was the most active and had the best chances. He put one off the cross bar and challenged David Bingham another time. I am not sure why he was subbed off. He was doing well enough he should have stayed on.

Juan Ramirez (6): He had a great opportunity and forced a save by Bingham early in the second half. He is getting better at dribbling and then passing the ball. He did draw five fouls in this match.

Kevin Doyle (3): This was a poor performance by Doyle. But to be fair to him he wasn’t getting any service. He did have a good cross in the first half that was cleared, but otherwise he was dropping back with his back to goal and just passing it backwards.

Vicente Sanchez (5): Vicente did trouble the San Jose backline all evening and in watching the match, they would have two or three people around him all evening trying to limit his effectiveness. Players need to be moving and getting into position to receive passes from him when he gets surrounded.


Marcelo Sarvas (4): He was on the pitch but didn’t see much from him. It was disappointing because he has been one of the more active Rapids players this year while on the pitch.

Charles Eloundou (4): Eloundou came on in the 62 minute and was ineffective. He tried to get up the left side and it was a no go. When Marvell Wynne came on in the 82’ he basically just shoved Eloundou off the ball.

Gabriel Torres (N/A): He came on in the 81 minute.

That is how I saw the match. What were your thoughts?