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Colorado Rapids at San Jose Earthquakes: Man of the Match Voting

Clap your hands if you thought the Rapids were going to win this game!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids met their nemesis in the San Jose Earthquakes on Friday night and came away with a 0-1 loss that brought their season record to 5-9-9.  The Rapids were undone by a lack of passion and presence on the field and the loss means they have just 11 games to turn this around and make the playoffs.  The Rapids have not defeated the Quakes since 2011 and face a tricky road tie in Chicago next Saturday.

The Pablo Quotes of the night:

On the match:

"Obviously, disappointed. I think we got off to a good start. I think we imposed ourselves on the game quite well. Got into it real well. And I think it was a pretty even first half. Good chances going both ways. I think in the second half, again, we started right and just one moment when we were shut off on a free kick and tuned out and then we're reacting. Some poor marking in the box and it cost us the game."

On takeaways from match:

"Well, again, they fought hard. They came into the game with the right mentality. They imposed themselves on the game."

On Figueroa and St. Ledger performances:

"I thought they adjusted well. I thought they got in the game and, again, it's always tough to acclimate yourself to a new team and a new style of play but I think they held their own and did well. I look forward to their continuing adaptation to the group."

Yeah, OK.

But when thinking back to this match, who was your Colorado Rapids Man of the Match.  Hit us up in the comment sections and let us know!