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A Way to Solve Dillon Powers' Apparent Inconsistency

Paul Bravo hinted that Dillon Powers' inconsistency is keeping him from more minutes on the pitch. Here's my solution in two words!

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Why isn't Dillon Powers seeing more playing time? This question started the first draft of this article.  Then at 7:00 a.m. MST, Chris White (a.k.a., Former Boss) unleashed a Top 10 epic tirade regarding the Season Ticket Holder Fan Forum.  I've looked over various Rapids discussion pages and articles, talked to a number of friends who are also season ticket holders--and many do feel the way Chris expounded.

I confess, I listened to the forum and wondered a number of things.  But the question about the 'face of the franchise' made me scratch my head.  It's to this that I send you to my original article, already in progress regard said face of said franchise.


This question keeps circling in my mind when I see the starting XI come out over the last few games.  I'm wondering why the 2013 team MVP Dillon Powers can't get on the field. While he's not the caliber of Michael Bradley, I could tell that when he's on the field, good things happen.  He's strong, services our forwards well, and brings a youthful energy to the Rapids, which is what they desperately need.

During the season ticket holders fan forum, we received a cloaked answer.  One caller asked what young player they would like to see as the face of the team.  I believe it was Paul Bravo who responded, "The first person that comes to my mind right off is Dillon Powers." (Insert superlatives, accolades, etc.)  Then he said something about 'consistency.'  One could not help but walk away from that thinking that the coaching staff and even the FO believe that Powers could be more consistent.

But doesn't consistency come with pitch time?  Let me give you an example from my vocation.

I am the Lead Pastor at a church in South Denver.  I've been pastoring for close to 25 years, from music to student to children's ministry.  Over the last 13 years, I've been the lead preaching pastor.  I preach 2-3 times per week.  Now, suppose I have someone who is young in the ministry and wants to learn the ropes about preaching.  I have options:

  • Give him a book about how to preach.
  • Lecture him on the basics of preaching.
  • Give him good videos and recordings of solid preachers to emulate.
  • Give him actual preaching time to actually preach.
The first three work quite well.  The last one, though, is really the only way one will improve.  (Now, the same could be said for Pablo Mastroeni, but that's another story for another time.)  Will mistakes be made?  Sure.  Young preachers fumble for words all the time.  Their body language comes off rather nervous or timid.  But the more they preach and the more they are coached well, the more they get their speaking 'sealegs' about them and improve.

So here's my solution to help him work out the apparent inconsistency of his game:  play him! The more he plays, the better he gets, and thus will give more credence to the notion that he really will be the face of the franchise.

I know that some of you (well, at least one of you) are not sold on Powers, but you're in the minority.  Sure, he's made some mistakes along the way, but all-in-all he's shown himself to be quite capable when positioned correctly and able to distribute the ball.  I've been so impressed by him--and so depressed when I don't see him in the game.  He needs minutes to solidify his rather impressive game.

What do you think?  Should Dillon Powers be playing more minutes than he has?  Is he a starter?  What does his future hold?  Let me know in the comments section.