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Colorado Rapids Player Ratings versus Columbus Crew, August 8, 2015

A frustrating evening at home is becoming the norm for the Colorado Rapids. This time I think they looked like the visiting team as Columbus Crew SC brought the match to the Rapids. It was bad all over, from the miscommunication between Burling and Irwin to the Sjorberg red card. The players need to perform better if they want to win matches.

Vicente Sanchez taking one of his 10 corner kicks versus the Columbus Crew.
Vicente Sanchez taking one of his 10 corner kicks versus the Columbus Crew.
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Another home game and another loss for the Colorado Rapids. This time they lost to the Columbus Crew 2–1 on two second half goals by Kei Kamara. It was a disappointing game as the Rapids let the Crew come into their home stadium, come from behind and let them boss the match.

Not only did Axel Sjorberg get a red card, three other Rapids players also received yellow cards. Those players were Kevin Doyle, Jared Watts and Marc Burch. Axel’s first yellow was the result of a bad pass from Sam Cronin, Watts felt that tackling from behind was a good thing but has always been a yellow this year, and Burch for a tactical foul on Finlay.

The only good thing the Rapids did all night was earn corners. They had 10 of them, but were not able to do much with them. The best chance was early on when a hard, driving corner from Sanchez found Doyle cutting to the near post. The ball was tipped on and it almost found the net.

The Columbus Crew were definitely more dangerous in the run of play. It was like the Rapids were playing on the road.

Here is how I saw the match.

Clint Irwin (5): Not one of Clint’s better matches but he did have a good save on Kamara before the second Columbus goal was scored. Was saved by Burling in the first half and the crossbar saved him twice also. No real opportunity to save either goal.

Drew Moor (4): Got beat by Kamara who found the crossbar. Just was outplayed in this match.

Bobby Burling (6): Got his first goal for the Rapids on a beautiful free kick by Sanchez. But was physical throughout the match. Saved Irwin, but it was partially his fault, when he let the ball go instead of clearing it. Slow to react on Kamara’s second goal.

Axel Sjorberg (3): Just not a good time to get a red card for Sjorberg. After the Rapids signed to center backs last week, going out and performing like that is not showing the team you are read to solidify that position. On the first goal, he needed to react quicker and stay with Kamara. He left him a little space and a player of the quality of Kamara will finish that.

Marc Burch (5): It was good to have the left back in the match. Serving the ball with his left foot certainly adds to the attack of the Rapids, too bad they didn’t capitalize. Good tactical foul on Finlay, but it was hard to see what he did on the replay. He was caught upfield and out of position a few times, particularly being in position to mark Hector Jimenez on Kamara’s second goal.

Marcelo Sarvas (3): Did Marcelo even play? He had possession a few times and according to the stats took two shots on goal. He just didn’t make an impression on me this match.

Jared Watts (5): He was one of the more active players for the Rapids. But putting him at central midfielder with the likes of Cronin and Sarvas on the field makes the Rapids too defensive. He just doesn’t have the quality ball movement for that position in a 4–3–3. There are better options in the midfield. It showed with a few bad passes early.

Sam Cronin (4): The new captain of the Rapids and he didn’t show it here. He also disappeared under the pressure of Columbus this evening. Also took two shots but none were on goal. Just not a good performance. Had one good play where he tipped the Ramirez pass to Serna for the shot.

Charles Eloundou (5): He seemed like he was shutdown most of the evening but he was able to get five shots with two on target. He needed to do better on the rebound off the corner. It needs to be on target. One of the more prolific attacking players for the Rapids. He just isn’t that creative in the final third but hopefully will grow into that while playing.

Kevin Doyle (5): Seemed quite active and was trying to get the opportunities but his team couldn’t find him. Just wasn’t getting the service. Sanchez put some good corners and Doyle almost flicked one past Steve Clark. He just needs to get the ball more. As a striker, he needs more than three shots that were all off target.

Vicente Sanchez (6): I think Sanchez was my man of the match. Watching all the corners and free kicks, Sanchez did a good job of putting them where they should have been. He earned the assist on Burling’s goal with a perfectly weighted free kick. I think he has earned that starting right forward. He just needs some more fire power in the lineup to support him.


Juan Ramirez (5): He worked well up the left side once he came on for Eloundou. Granted he got better when more attacking players came on the pitch. He started the ball movement that led to the good opportunity for Serna.

Dillon Serna (6): Once he came on, chances started coming and the attack got better. Makes one wonder why he’s not starting.

Gabriel Torres (N/A): Came on too late int he 83 minute to do anything. Yes the call was correct. He was offsides.

Let me know how you saw the match.