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Are We Talking Out of Both Sides of our Burgundy Mouths?

Articles about the death of the Rapids way, puzzling personnel moves--and yet at least three of the BW writers reupped for their season tickets. What gives?

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On my never-ending trip from Kentucky to Denver (1150 miles over two days), I received an e-mail from my ticket rep, Cody Clough, about the first deadline of my season tickets renewal.  Cindy and I discussed the various scenarios, and decided to renew for next year.  And I thought, "That's an article right there--why, given all the Rapids troubles and headscratching personnel moves, would I want to put myself through this again?"

But my boss beat me to the article!

Not to be deterred, I read a comment in the Boss' article from our resident Rapids Rabbi, who indicated he did the same thing.  So, that's three of the five main writers for the Burgundy Wave who have made the financial plunge and committed to another year.

Are We Talking Out Both Sides of Our Burgundy Mouths?

We've made no bones about our frustration with the Colorado Rapids.  Personally, this writer has tried desperately (almost pathetically) to put a positive spin on the season.  Even now, I'm tempted to say, "We've won three out of our last five!  That's good, right?  Right!?!"  But we've looked over the body of work from July 2013 until the present and sensed something is just ... off!  We've spent time questioning tactics, strategies, personnel moves ad nauseum.  We've each taken our turn wondering about whether Pablo Mastroeni was the long-term answer as head coach, each answering in varying degrees of, "No, it doesn't seem so!"

The Boss has answered, and the Rabbi has answered in the comments section of the Boss' article, so let me chime in.

I'm not renewing out of a blind homeristic obligation. I do believe that at least season-ticket holders need more engagement from the front office. They must not take for granted that C38 and the STH's will always be there.  I really had a hard discussion with my wife as to whether to continue.  That didn't happen the first two years.  And if there's not improvement in both personnel and communication, I will have another hard conversation.  (Please understand, this is about finances, not about the love of the Rapids--that won't go anywhere.)

I'm renewing because it's a significant part of my bonding with my kiddos. I have two season tickets, where I take one of my kids and we have some one-on-one time that's difficult when we're driving back and forth to school, soccer practice, violin lessons, church activities, and the like.  It's difficult for a dad of four to get one-on-one time.  But this provides that!

Can we do this elsewhere?  Of course we can!  But I have one boy that has aspirations of playing in the MLS, and two others who play and enjoy the game and being with each other.  Section 121, last row, has become a sanctuary for us (not in the religious sense--soccer is a game, not a religion).  The more we come, the more we understand the game--and the more we understand a bit of each other.  As a father, that's always a plus!

And I'm hoping that, as sons and daughters, the memories will stockpile. I love going to "The Richard" and catching folks I know at the tailgates, seeing the Boss in Section 115 on occasion, connecting with my buddy Kevin and his family in Section 102, front row, with whom I hope our church will partner with his church plant to make a difference for the Gospel in Denver. I enjoy introducing others to the beautiful game.

I enjoy going, watching the game, then reading the tactics pages on the BW to learn a bit more about what I just saw.  I'm fascinated with the game, even if I cannot articulate why at this point.  These lads know their business.  I hope you read them closely!

So, yeah!  I'm one of those who renewed their season tickets.  And I truly look forward to the possibilities of the Rapids taking the Rocky Mountain Cup.  And I look forward to the possibilities of 2016.  Realistic optimism in Rapid fandom.  Realistic optimist in life.