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Game Recap--Colorado 1-3 LA: Rapids Gonna Rapids; Pablo Gonna Pablo

Seriously? No Words.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids, as they are constructed now, are not a 90 minute team.

And when you look at their 1-3 loss to LA Galaxy, this is largely proven.  The Rapids were good for stretches of this match, but at the end of the day could not find a way to get it done.  The loss drops the Rapids to 5-7-9 on the year and has made the playoffs nearly impossible.

My thoughts:

1)  My Old Man: So I go to Rapids matches live (and no, I do not sit in the press box) so at times I ask my Dad to give me his thoughts on things.  Cause, you know, he watches from his house in Loveland and can (and usually is) more objective then I am.  So he had the quote of the night:

"Son, you only sub out and attacking player (Dillon Powers) when you are ready to lock down a win at home.  You never sub a player like that unless you are trying to bend over at home and accept you are going for anything less than a win."

My Dad may be colorful, but he is also right.  When Pablo Mastroeni subbed Dillon Powers for Nick LaBrocca it showed that Pablo was trying for a tie.  AT HOME.  You NEVER, EVER go for a tie at home.  Unless you are Pablo.  Sigh

2)  Adjustments and Coaching Acumen: For whatever reason the Rapids felt that they were good with a 1-0 lead at halftime.  Yeah, the Galaxy had other ideas.  They, and Bruce Arena, showed why they have won trophies and the Rapids are still struggling to win games.  There is a gulf in class in the coaching ranks and Arena knows what he is doing and Pablo, well...let us just say he does not.

3)  Where to go from here: Well, the Rapids are in deep doo-doo with out much time to fix it.  All you can hope as a Rapids fan is that the team cares enough to show some self respect and try and do something for the fans next Saturday.

The Rapids are next in action next Saturday at home vs Columbus Crew at 7PM.  This is military appreciation night with fireworks scheduled after the match.