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A Rapids Win, a USMNT Win and a World Cup Trophy: Now That's a Weekend

A win for the Rapids on Saturday, the USMNT win their friendly against Guatemala, and the USWNT win their third World Cup Sunday night? Now that was a weekend!

Kevin (left) and I before the July 4th game against Vancouver. Sa-lute!
Kevin (left) and I before the July 4th game against Vancouver. Sa-lute!
Matthew Perry

We Colorado Rapids fans prepared ourselves for another loss.  Vancouver came into the game with 32 points, while we had 15.  Guess what?  Vancouver still has 32 points thanks to goals by Vicente Sanchez (2') and Kevin Doyle (56') in a 2-1 win that gives us Rapids fans hope.  Doyle has played rather aggressively in the last two matches.  And Vicente channeled his days in Toluca that makes one believe he's got more in the tank that originally thought.

And it felt great to watch the US over July 4th weekend.  The USMNT looked great against Guatemala, winning 4-0.  Then the FIFA Women's World Cup in Vancouver between the USA and Japan.  My friend Bo updated his status on Facebook: "BREAKING: Carli Lloyd's face to be put on the Statue of Liberty."  He has a case, provided the record books with her name due to her obtaining the quickest hat trick in Women's World Cup history.  Tobin Heath's fifth goal put all of our minds at ease that a third World Cup was within reach.

What a satisfying weekend of soccer!  Wins and trophies will hopefully grab folks attention to this wonderful game. Of course, there are some who still have to disparage the game itself, but those voices are growing fewer and come across and as more petty than before.  (Hey, gang!  If you don't like soccer, don't worry about it!  Move along!)

But for those of us who enjoy this game, and see it more and more gaining a foothold in the US, great days are ahead. As for the Rapids, here's hoping it won't be another few weeks before another win.  Real Salt Lake is coming up at DSGP next Saturday, July 11 at 7 pm.  Bring it, Rapids fans!

What was your highlight from this past weekend?  The comments section awaits your contribution!