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The MLS All-Star Game: My View from the South Stands

I went to the MLS All-Star Game, sitting in 'my seats' in the last row of Section 121. What a great night this was!

The Fox Sports crew in our house!
The Fox Sports crew in our house!
Matthew Perry

I took my vacation a day early in order to watch the MLS All-Star Game here in Commerce City (or "in Denver" if you're from out of town).  My boys, three others from my church and I met at the gate at 6:30 pm.  I regret to say that this was the only part of the All Star festivities in which I participated.

What Should I Wear to This Game?

In preparation for the game, I found myself having a rather ridiculous conversation.  With myself!  The topic of this conversation?  What should I wear? Do I wear my Rapids gear to support the fact that the ASG was here in Commerce City? Do I wear my Arsenal kit because, well--Tottenham?  Do I wear my Burgundy Wave shirt because, well, it's awesome?  Yes, sports fans, this is the conversation I'm having with myself.  I often wonder about me!  I know my wife has for years.

I ended up opting for wearing my Rapids gear.  After all, this is our house and, I hope, will become an imposing fortress soon!

News Beforehand

So, word came across the wire that, with so many dropping out due to fitness issues, Sam Cronin and Clint Irwin would be on the roster.  With Drew Moor already on the roster, that makes three Colorado Rapids players.  Plus, Jozy Altidore would take Giovinco's place--and I'm so OK with that.

The Atmosphere

Having only been coming to Dick's Sporting Good's Park for the last couple of years (my second year as a season ticket holder), I had never seen this place so alive. Palpable!  Sure, the traffic was pretty stiff.  And, yes, my mood dampened a bit with the $15 parking.  But you could tell that folks were ready to see some great football with some great players.  And the game did not disappoint.

That B-2 Stealth Bomber--Are You Kidding?

At 7:20 pm, this gargantuan B-52 bomber flew in from the north. Dude, that was impressive!  Let's get this game started!

The Joy of the Game Itself

No Lampard, no Gerrard--this affirms my belief in a just God!  Yes, it's for the fans!  Sure, it would have been nice to see them play--but not at an MLS All Star Game.  Both teams played well, leaving us on the edge of our seats or standing the whole time, especially the last 20 minutes.  And did you see that strike by Harry Kane from 25 yards out?  Even as an Arsenal fan, I had to give props to him.  As my friend John, sitting directly behind goal, so aptly put it, "That was well struck!"

Kaka earned the penalty, David Villa redirected Kaka's cross--and that was our scoring.  But Ethan Finlay's little move late in the game in the corner (sorry, no footage on that one) that almost brought us that third goal--stunning!

There's more to say, but the atmosphere, the play--this was one of the top three nights for me in watching a soccer match.  I didn't think I could love the game any more, but last night amped it up a few notches.