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Midseason Review Part 6: The Coaching Staff and Front Office

Time to look at Pablo Mastroeni and the Front Office at midseason.

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The Colorado Rapids midseason report reaches its conclusion as the both Rapids Head Coach Pablo Mastroeni and the Rapids Front office are looked at.  It is no secret that this year has not gone very well for the club and people have a tendency to want to assign blame and fault for this season.

Here is our look at the Front Office and Pablo Mastroeni:

Pablo Mastroeni:  Grade F

The struggles of Pablo have been well documented and I am not going to rehash all of that, but I would suggest you look at:

Tactical Change Is Not Happening or an Open Letter from Us to the Rapids for more on this issue and the thoughts of Burgundy Wave on Pablo.

The Front Office:  Grade B

For all of the struggles of the Rapids this year, I do not think it is a reflection on the players that the front office have spent time in bringing in.  The Rapids drafted Axel Sjoberg, Dominique Badji, and Joseph Greenspan and all have played this year.  In addition, Michael Harrington, James Riley, Zac MacMath, Luis Solignac, Kevin Doyle, Marcelo Sarvas, Sam Cronin, Lucas Pittinari, Juan Ramirez, Ben Newnam, Caleb Calvert, and Bobby Burling have all played different roles this year.  Calvert and Newnam are currently on loan at Charlotte Independence right now, but the rest of that group has played in at least two games this season--whether in MLS or US Open Cup.

The Front Office also got rid of the dead weight that needed to go and of the players that were jettisoned, only Marvell Wynne of the Quakes has made a serious impact for his new team.  So fault does not lie with the Front Office with player acquisition.

So why not an A grade for the FO?  Well a 2-6-9 record at the midpoint and getting bounced from the US Open Cup is a big reason.  By every measure, this has not been a good season for the Rapids and the only hope this year is for the Rapids to grab back the Rocky Mountain Cup.   The Rapids are 11 points out of a playoff spot and are dead last in Major League Soccer in points per game.  To put it plainly: the Rapids are the worst team in the league.  The Front Office needs to answer for this and until things change, they will (and probably should) face more and more scrutiny.