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Midseason Review Part 5: The Forwards

As we look at the forward position for the Rapids we have to ask, if a Rapids player scores and no one sees it, does it really happen?

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

One of the big issues with the Colorado Rapids this year is their inability to do the most fundamental thing in soccer: score goals.  Of the four players listed below a total of one goal has been scored between them (Gabriel Torres is listed a forward but has been playing in the midfield).  The grades I am giving are very low due to the utter lack of production but it should be noted that only Luis Solignac has played over 33% of the time this year.  The Rapids forward core is new (from a minutes production standpoint), so I am curious how chemistry changes over the second half of season.

The Statistics:

Games Played Games Started Minutes Goals Assists Shots SOG
Kevin Doyle 6 3 290 0 0 6 1
Dominique Badji 9 6 492 1 0 12 3
Luis Solignac 7 6 576 0 1 15 8
Charles Eloundou 5 0 79 0 0 3 0

Kevin Doyle:  Grade D

Part of the grade is the lack of production for Doyle and part of it is expectation.  When you are signed to the biggest contract in team history, people expect goals.  Certainly it has not helped that he is not up to fitness yet, but more disconcerting is his total lack of production.  He has only registered 6 shots in 290 minutes.  Or, a shot (off target) a game (or, if you are a nerd like I am--0.02 shots per minute played).  That is not good enough.  This has to change or people will label Doyle a bust and quick.

Dominique Badji:  Grade C +

Badji is fast, he plays hard and he genuinely seems to be enjoying himself.  He is also the only one out of this group who has scored a goal.  Badji was called in to play much more than I think anyone involved in the club would have suspected, so it has been a bit of a revelation to see how well Badji has played.  Yes, he has made rookie mistakes, but for a guy drafted in the fourth round it has been fun to see him play.  I like Badji, and although he will not play as much in the second half, he needs to be looked at as someone who can offer a change of pace.

Luis Solignac:  Grade F

Solignac simply cannot score goals.  Right now he is a major bust and there will be nothing that anyone will will tell me to change my opinion.  I cringe whenever I see him on the pitch and the fact that Pablo Mastroeni keeps going back to him is just shocking.  Until Solignac can find a way to score, my impression of him will not change.

Charles Eloundou:  Grade INC

Eloundou has only played 79 minutes this year but did start the year with USL affiliate Charlotte Independence.  I do like his pace and movement and wish he played more--and based on forward production--it is not like he could do worse.