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MLS All-Stars 2:1 Tottenham Hotspur; Kaka Named MVP

Months of preparation ended with a tremendous night of football.

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

An absolutely beautiful night along the Front Range greeted the 2015 Major League Soccer All-Star team and Tottenham Hotspur with an over capacity crowd saw a thrilling match of football.  The MLS All-Stars defeated Tottenham Hotspur 2-1 with first half goals from Kaka and David Villa

Kaka was named All-Star MVP for his effort in the first half but the award could have gone to a number of players on either team.

Some overall thoughts:

1)  The Opening Ceremony (of sorts): The opening of the match was truly top class and both the Colorado Rapids and Major League Soccer.  It was very moving and indicative of the growth and development of the game.  Well done Rapids and well done MLS.

2)  Nick Rimando is the Man: I am simply stunned that Rimando has never won goalkeeper of the year and he had two world class saves in the first half that were a pure joy to witness.  Harry Kane will be having nightmares of Rimando after this first half.

3)  The First Half Penalty: It was very fun to see Kaka and David Villa have a debate as to who should take the penalty kick.  It was two world class players who shared a fun and lighthearted moment that was indicative of the entire mood of the match.  Kaka, of course, buried the goal to give the MLS squad a 1-0 lead.

4)  Drew Moor and Sam Cronin: Both Moor and Cronin started the second half with Moor slotted in at right back and Cronin in at Central Defensive Midfield.  Cronin was lifted for Jozy Altidore in the 76th minute.

5)  DeAndre Yedlin: The young Spurs defender made his appearance in the 63rd to a very warm welcome.  The USMNT star is under a bit of a cloud as it is determined where he will be playing next year.  The money seems to be on him going on loan.

6)  Tottenham Support: Many people complained about Tottenham Hotspur as the All-Star opponent, but they brought a quality team led by Kane, but also their supporters were loud and vocal.  It was a great atmosphere and having so many Spurs fans in attendance made it that much better.

7)  A good night for soccer: The State of Colorado and the Rapids organization as a whole did a great job in displaying the beautiful game.  I know that people give the Rapids a lot of grief but they did a great job putting on a great event.