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MLS Commits Major Blunder - Blocks Seating on West Side of Dick's for Chipotle Homegrown Match

Major League Soccer makes huge blunders forcing fans to leave the game because they couldn't sit in the sun. Not a good move by MLS!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

As fans and soccer enthusiasts starting arriving to watch the Special Olympics Unified Match and the Chipotle Homegrown Match there was a new rule that left many perplexed.

Fans arriving weren’t allowed to sit on the west side of the stadium, all were directed to sit on the east side. But this created a problem. This decision forced everyone to sit in the late afternoon sun on a hot day in Denver. Not a good decision by Major League Soccer.

The problem was tickets were sold as General Admission for the stadium. To me that means anywhere where general seating is allowed. There also was no communication with fans beforehand that they would be forced to sit on the east side.

This was not good for a family from Denver who has an autistic child. They had come to sit in the shade on the west side and enjoy the two matches tonight. But since they weren’t prepared to sit in the sun, they had to leave. Good job MLS!

Major League Soccer finally released the seats a few minutes before the Chipotle Homegrown match. But this was after many soccer fans snuck by security and Rapids staff to sit where they weren’t supposed to. I actually felt sorry for the Colorado Rapids staff who had to enforce Major League Soccer’s directive.

One can only speculate on why Major League Soccer would make such a crazy decision. My thought is they wanted the stadium to look full for TV, but this is only being streamed on the Internet. I’m sorry, you don’t do this for a streamed match.

I’m glad MLS finally pulled the restriction, but it was too late for a family who came out to enjoy a night of soccer. Let’s hope they make better decisions tomorrow night.