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Special Olympics West 3:2 Special Olympics East

The Unified Match was held before the Homegrown Game and it featured some beautiful football

Soccer can be one of those things that brings many different people together in celebration of the Beautiful Game. And the Tuesday evening match between the Special Olympic Unified Team was one of those events. The final score was less relevant then the competition and the ability to compete on the same pitch that will feature the Major League Soccer All-Star team and Tottenham Hotspur really was the important take away from this match.

Colorado Rapids players Marc Burch and James Riley served as honorary coaches for this match and although it was a friendly match, both players wanted to win this.

The first half featured some nice back and forth play and the half was knotted at one until late in the frame and the Eastern Conference was able to make it a 2-1 affair.

It took 12 minutes for the Western Conference to tie the match up in the second half on a beautiful strike that the Eastern Goalkeeper could do nothing about. And just a minute later the West side took the lead 3-2 on a one on one breakaway that was as clinical as any finish you will see this year in MLS.

The Western Keeper made a save to preserve the match in the waning moments and it finished 3-2 to the West.