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POLL: Do Rapids Fans Keep Up With the Rest of MLS?

The MLS All-Star Game is this coming Wednesday (in case you hadn't heard). How much do Rapids fans keep up with the rest of MLS?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Full disclosure: as an Arsenal fan, there's no way on God's green earth I'm pulling for Tottenham Hotspur this coming Wednesday night.  In fact, I'm debating as to whether to wear Colorado Rapids gear (because this is the Rapids' house) or Arsenal gear (because, well, it's Tot'num).

Now, I've had to ask myself: am I rooting against Tottenham or am I rooting for the MLS?  "Well, South Stands, that sounds like a personal problem."  Granted, it might very well be, but I started wondering about other Rapid fans and how connected they are with the rest of MLS.

Like most Rapids fans, we watch (or try to watch) every minute of the 34 games the Burgundy Boys play.  Tell me how much of the other games you watch.

  • Just the highlights of the other games.
  • I watch the Friday night games on Unimas/Univision and the Sunday games on ESPN and FOX Sports1.
  • I subscribe to MLS Live and consume it like candy on Halloween.
  • Never mind about that other nonsense--if it ain't Burgundy, it won't do!
Full disclosure again?  I watch the Rapids and the Friday night games on Unimas (I don't get Univision Deportes) and occasionally I watch the Sunday 3:00 pm game.  So yeah, Rapids and highlights.  After that, we do have lives to live, don't we?  (Don't we?)

Maybe after the All-Star Game, I'll find myself tuning in more to watch Kei Kamara, Giovinco, Kaka, and others play.  I'm just ready for the Rapids to make a great stretch run into the playoffs!  That three-game winning streak has given me hope.

And, for now, that's all I can ask for.