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For All the Naysayers: Say Hey! The Rapids on a Three-fer

The Rapids won for the third time in a row, the first time that's happened since 2011. For all the naysayers, save it!

You lovin' me now, aren't you?
You lovin' me now, aren't you?
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Who of you out there is saying, "Nay!" about the recent run of form our Boys in Burgundy are having?  We've beaten Vancouver, Real Salt Lake, and now Seattle Sounders in Seattle!  (Yes, I said 'we.' No, I didn't play!  No, I won't correct it!) Nine points in three weeks!  We're two points behind RSL, one point behind San Jose Earthquakes, and tied with Houston.  Considering how we were three weeks ago, this is an amazing turn of events.  Nine points since shifting to the 4-3-3, I might add.

Naysayers, unite!  I can hear you now!

"You beat RSL without Beckerman and Rimando!"

"You beat Seattle without Dempsey and Martens!"

And?  Your point? Please!

Granted, while on Gold Cup duty, the last two wins against RSL and Seattle have taken place against deplete teams, but think on this!  The Colorado Rapids beat RSL, but RSL beat Houston 2-0.  Granted, Houston and Colorado right now are in the basement, but the Rapids have caught them in points (though trail in point differential).  Yes, yes, Seattle lost last week to the Chicago Fire 1-0, but this is what I have to say about all the boobirds, naysayers, and Sad Sacks:

It's the MLS!  Professional soccer!  We're missing Gaby Torres, and he's been a nice asset for us--but the pieces we have on the roster have come to play just like they are paid to do.

Plus, that goal by Kevin Doyle was an industrial strength piece of skill--fighting off two defenders, then scoring across his body far post!  I underestimate how long it takes to acclimate to the altitude in Denver--but it seems that Doyle has adjusted. Thank you, Kevin Doyle, for staying in Denver and not heading to Ireland for international duty.

Much more could be said, but for now I relish this streak and this history-making win.