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Player Ratings--Colorado Rapids vs Real Salt Lake

Leg Two of the Rocky Mountain Cup is in the books. How did the Burgundy Boys look in this one?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Player ratings for the Colorado Rapids are always a whole lot more fun after a win than after a loss, and after the 3-1 win over Real Salt Lake, this is going to be damn fun.

Here we go:

Clint Irwin (7) Irwin only faced three shots on the night with two saves for his time.  But none was more important than his stoppage time save that preserved the 2-1 lead for the Rapids.

Drew Moor (7) Moor was much better tonight, and got another start at left back.  He was able to clear his lines sufficiently and got involved in the attack as needed.  He picked up his first goal of the year on a sweet header of a corner kick.

Bobby Burling (6.5) Burling had another solid match and is simply a beast in the middle.  He consistently stopped RSL attacks and was not afraid to get dirty.  He did take a yellow card late in the second half, and this rules him out of the Seattle match, but it was a foul he needed to make.

Jared Watts (7) Watts is looking more and more confident in the back and he had the presence of mind to tap in the game winning goal of a rebound.  No thinking, just do it.  His partnership with Burling is getting stronger and you have to wonder if this Watts has earned a "permanent" spot along the backline.

James Riley (6) Riley got himself involved in the attack but still has momentary lapses of concentration.  He lost his man on the RSL goal and it is good fortune that it did not bite the Rapids in the butt.

Lucas Pittinari (5.5) I want to like Pittinari but the dude cannot offer a quality pass to save his life.  Right now I am not sure how he is preferred over some other options that are on the bench.  He did offer a shot on goal, but more telling is the hideous miss over the bar in the second half when he had a good, clean look at the net.

Marcelo Sarvas (7) I really liked the movement from Sarvas and what he offered.  He was busy and dangerous all night and helped to boss  the midfield for the Rapids.  A solid performance from the veteran.

Sam Cronin (7) If you grab over 60% of the possession on the day and you handle RSL like the Rapids did, you have had a hell of a day.  A good match by the Rapids Captain.

Luis Solignac (5.5) I am not sure how I feel about Solignac yet, as I just don't know whether he was the right choice to sign.  I know it is still early, but I was hoping for a larger return on investment than zero goals.  He did not register a shot on the evening and left early with a hamstring issue.

Kevin Doyle (6.5) Doyle made himself a pest all night and completely frustrated the RSL defense.  He did not have a statistically great game, but did the things that were needed that allowed the Rapids score the second most goals on the year in a match.

Vicente Sanchez (6.5) Sanchez looked solid on the night and offered a pace that was difficult for RSL to keep up with.  He made a number of dangerous runs and had the ability to drop the ball off if another player had a better look at it.  He has been very good the last two matches for the club and I have to think he starts again at Seattle this weekend.


Charles Eloundou (10) Eloundou was the reason the Rapids won this game.  17 minutes, 2 assists, and he set up the game winner.  Call it whatever you want, but Eloundou looked like the guy that was worth the hype when they signed him two years ago.  Will he live up to the billing long term?  We shall see.

Juan Ramirez (7) Ramirez opened up his MLS account with one of the more bizarre goals you will see.  A one on zero break that I assume everyone thought the ref would stop from happening.  Regardless, he got a goal and got back in there after being injured for the better part of a month.