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#OneClub Report: Happiness and Sadness

A terrific evening in Commerce City was tempered by a tough night for the Independence on the road.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more exciting things that the Colorado Rapids have done in the past couple of years is to honor the individuals that have helped to shape this club and who helped the club win MLS Cup in 2010.  Last year, the Rapids honored midfielder Jamie Smith in a touching pre-game ceremony and let us not forget when Head Coach Pablo Mastroeni was inducted into the Gallery of Honor.

Well on Saturday night it was time for Midfielder Brian Mullan to feel the appreciation from the Commerce City crowd.  It was a nice ceremony featuring some video clips of players and coaches that Mullan played with in his time in Major League Soccer.  It was nice start to what would become an epic evening for the Rapids.

Some further thoughts on the #OneClub this past weekend:

1) About Mullan--for some soccer fans they will remember just one thing about Brian Mullan and while I do get that, I am going to focus on something completely different.  He won five championships in nine years for four different clubs.  That is simply an incredible run and it will be very challenging to top that.  I remember the trade that brought Mullan to the Rapids and without his leadership, I am not sure the Rapids win the Cup in 2010.  He is a winner.  The club needed someone on the team that had been there, done that.  And Mullan was that guy.  Let alone he was a Colorado guy.  Mullan made that team what it was and he was fully deserving of the honor that he received last night.

2) Slim Hopes--is there playoff hope for the Rapids?  Yes, there is still hope, but the odds are still long.  They are six points out of a playoff spot and the 6th place team has three games in hand (as of the writing of this article).  The Rapids still have the lowest points per game at 1.11 in the West and would need to win several more in a row for this to be considered a serious revival.  I am not trying to rain on the parade of good will right now, but it still seems like a heck of a chore to make this happen.

3) Independence Woes--Charlotte is having a tough run right now as they are winless in four (all competitions) and three in USL play.  The dropped another one at Louisville City and have yet to win on the road this season.  And the reward for the struggle--a trip to Rochester Rhinos--who have yet to lose in USL play (11-0-6).  Things are looking tough right now in Charlotte, and while they still have games in hand (GIH), those GIH are not enough to close the playoff gap.  Rapids loanees Carlos Alvarez, Dominique Badji and Ben Newnam all played for Charlotte in the loss

The Rapids take to the road to play Seattle Sounders on July 18 at 8:00 PM MDT (Altitude Sports TV) and the Independence will play the Rhinos in Rochester on 18th at 5:05 PM MDT (USL Stream).