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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids at Sporting Kansas City, June 27, 2015

The Colorado Rapids scoring drought continues when they are unable to finish their chances on the road. They drop a 2-0 match on-the-road to Sporting Kansas City. They were leaving Solignac on an island most of the evening and had no support when he did get in good positions. Solignac needs to finish his chances. Frankly, I am getting tired of saying that.

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Here we go. Another game and another player ratings for the Colorado Rapids. Except for some lineup changes, I probably could have copied that article and republished it for this match.

This time it is their match versus Sporting Kansas City. They were more lively and active for parts of the match and other times seemed to be wondering why they were out there. The Rapids lost to Sporting KC 2-0.

The Rapids did score in this match, but it was Sam Cronin putting one into his own net in the 64 minute.

There were several chances for the Rapids. Luis Solignac had the best chances, but he pulled a couple shots wide and put one right at Tim Melia. He also crossed the ball on another opportunity and it went one. Dillon Serna failed to get up the field in a timely fashion. If he would have, he may have had a decent chance to score.

That seems to be the problem with the Rapids. They become disconnected while defending and when the ball gets to Solignac, he has no support. If you watch Sporting KC in this match, as soon as the ball is turned over, they are going and have several options to go through on goal.

The first goal that the Rapids gave up was a blunder that cascaded from the start. It began with Riley getting sucked inside out of position. With that space vacated, Chance Myers was able to dribble up and get the cross in. But Myers was the responsibility of Dillon Serna who was caught upfield a little. With Watts also upfield and trying to get back to Myers, Greenspan and Burling failed to track Krisztian Nemeth who buried the cross from the top of the 18.

A good soccer team needs to work together and do their jobs. If they can't, bad things will happen to them. Sporting Kansas City made them pay on Saturday.

Here is how I saw the match.

Clint Irwin (6): Clint played well and could do nothing on the two goals. He did make several good saves and punches. He looked confused on the corner early in the match. He started to come and realized he couldn't make it. Luckily Myers put it over the net. Oh, he drew a yellow against Dominic Dwyer. That is a good thing.

James Riley (3): There is no reason why Riley should have been chasing Graham Zusi that far out and to the middle of the pitch. That opened up too much space and made it too easy for Sporting KC to get their first goal.

Jared Watts (4): Watts gave a good hip check to Dom Dwyer after picking up a soft yellow for fouling Dwyer. He had to cover for Riley on the first goal and was out of position himself. Also was on Benny Feilhaber when he crossed in the ball that Cronin turned into his own net.

Bobby Burling (5): Burling was the leader on the backline and helped prevent some chances. He did fail to pick up Nemeth coming across the backline on the first goal. He and Joseph Greenspan seemed more concerned with Dwyer cutting in front of Nemeth.

Joseph Greenspan (5): Joseph had a decent game, but failed to track Nemeth. He did jump up into play more and did provide a good pass to Solignac who pulled his shot just wide. We needed more of that during the match.

Sam Cronin (3): He scored an own goal. It doesn't get worse than that. Until the goal, they were doing a good job of containing Sporting KC.

Lucas Pittinari (3): Lucas did get a shot off, but that is about it. On the first goal, he was just standing in the middle of the pitch. He then just jogged back towards the Rapids goal. Zusi blew past him. I am sorry, but as a defensive midfielder you need to run harder than that.

Dillon Serna (4): Dillon playing in his fourth game in two weeks didn't have the energy he had in the other three. He was slow getting upfield when Solignac crossed the ball and no one is there. It should have been an easy goal. Othewise he had a heavy touch on top of the box and was out of position and unable to track Myers.

Marcelo Sarvas (6): Playing in the central attacking midfielder role, Sarvas was the most active I have seen him all season. He had a decent opportunity in the box in the second half, but he was muscled off the ball. His activity drew an early free kick in the second half which happened right as the sprinklers came on.

Gabriel Torres (4): In his last match before heading out for the Gold Cup, Torres was just there. He wasn't too involved throughout the entire match. On a couple of the Solignac chances he could have laid the ball off to Torres. But that didn't happen. As a midfielder he needs to be more involved in the match.

Luis Solignac (5): He worked his butt off in this match as well as the previous matches he has played. But there comes a time when he needs to start putting his opportunities in the back of the net. He should have finished one or two of them on Saturday night.


Kevin Doyle (3): He comes on in the 69' for Dillon Serna and goes to the top as the lone forward. He immediately gets a yellow for a challenge. He did get a shot, but otherwise didn't do much in this match.

Dillon Powers (N/A): Came on in the 73'. Was called for a pretty soft foul on Feilhaber.

Vicente Sanchez (N/A): Came on in the 74'. Did cause some problems but I think trying to do to much.

That is how I saw the match. What do you think?