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Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids at Orlando City SC, June 24, 2015

The collapse continues in Orlando as the Rapids succumbed to the relentless attack of Orlando City and give up two goals in the second half. The Rapids never managed to generate much of an attack, often having their attackers disconnected from the midfield. There were too many easy give-aways.

Josephy Greenspan making a challenge in the box and winning possession of the ball.
Josephy Greenspan making a challenge in the box and winning possession of the ball.
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Oh where to begin with this. The Colorado Rapids headed down south to the town of Mickey and lost to Orlando City SC 2-0. I think they would have had more fun if they would have headed across town to Disneyworld than playing this match.

It started bright for the Rapids. But when Luis Solignac shot his breakaway chance right at Tally Hall it began to go downhill from there. They got through the first half unscathed. But when the second half started, Orlando City started putting on the pressure and after two quick goals this match was done.

There were too many turnovers in midfield and too many big kicks or distant shots on goal giving it back to Orlando City. It is hard to score a goal when the other team has the ball.

This is how I saw the match.

Clint Irwin (6): Clint did well all night, facing a couple tough shots that he handled well. But on the two goals he stood no chance. The first goal was a perfect cross that Cyle Larin just tapped by Irwin and then Kaka used Drew Moor as a screen to shoot it across goal into the net.

Marc Burch (5): I thought Marc did a decent job all evening. He was pushing up and then covering to the back. He had a couple good plays and clearances that snuffed out attacks. No real big errors from him.

Shane O'Neill (5): I think Shane is really pushing to secure one of the starting center back positions for the Rapids. He has been solid and physical since he returned. Many times he took on Kaka and prevailed. Overall, a good night for Shane.

Drew Moor (3): Drew lost the battle with Kaka for the second goal. He kept backing up and Kaka kept taking space. Finally Kaka got what he liked and struck it in back across the goal. Drew needed to step there. Also the back line was disorganized and got more so as the second half progressed. As captain he needs to step in and make it right.

Joseph Greenspan (5): Joseph played out at left back in this match and though tall he doesn't possess the speed to keep up with some of the wingers in MLS. He was beat by Carlos Rivas who served the beautiful cross in for Orlando City's first goal. But I was impressed with his composure and effort. There were many times in this match that he was in the right position at the right time. He prevented many other chances for Orlando City.

Lucas Pittinari (2): Another horrible performance by Lucas. When he would get the ball in the midfield he was slow moving it to the next person. Even slowing down counters. Being open and trying a shot from 30 yards is speculative at best. He even managed to hit referee Silviu Petrescu in the back in stoppage time.

Marcelo Sarvas (4): Sarvas kept trying to push the play but didn't get support. His attempts were just futile. Doyle and Solignac would be too disconnected and far away from the other players. It is tough to connect with your forwards when they are 20-30-40 yards away from you with no teammates in between.

Dillon Powers (4): Dillon was playing out wide again. As this has been discussed on Burgundy Wave several times I won't dwell on it. But he was out of position. He did manage to trouble Tally Hall once and put another shot off target. Played the full 90.

Kevin Doyle (3): Was trying to do things but couldn't manage much. During the 59 minutes he was on the pitch he fouled a player. That was it. Not what you are asking from your central attacking midfielder. As a designated player, you expect more from him.

Dillon Serna (4): Had a better game than many of the players, but that didn't take much. Seemed more active and drew a couple of fouls. Just didn't really have any good opportunities before he was subbed off in the 68 minute for Torres. Serna did draw a yellow in this match.

Luis Solignac (3): Oh Luis. In 1 v 1 in the 5 minute and you shoot it right at the goalkeeper. Take the shot sooner, chip him, or strike it low. Just don't shoot right at him. If that goes in, this match is different. Took several other shots or attempts at goal, but nothing really troubled Tally Hall. Seemed isolated throughout the match.


Charles Eloundou (5): Eloundou came on and caused some consternation down the left side of the Orlando City defense. Towards the end of the match he got through and made a run only to be dispossessed. He made several challenge runs, drawing a couple fouls.

Gabriel Torres (4): Had one shot off target that he tried to shoot while it was still in the air. He sliced it badly.

Sam Cronin (4): Sam came on for the Marcelo Sarvas in the 69' after the damage was done. In fact, I didn't know he came on until he was making a play in the middle of the pitch. I don't think Altitude noticed either. Cronin didn't do much in this match.

That is how I saw the match. What are your thoughts?